Friday, March 25, 2011

Say "Cheese"

Now that we're talking, Lincoln is taking "say cheese" very seriously. He says "Teeeeeeez" and accompanies it with quite the face. I noticed that I'm getting a small collection of pictures with this funny face and thought it was definitely worth blogging about. Like I've said before, this is my baby book - and this is something that would be scribbled in the baby book for sure! That's the good thing about this blog... Instead of trying to keep up with a million little facts and pictures, I can compile them all right here! So here goes: check out this funny face!

Ashley says, "don't put those pictures on there, it doesn't even look like him!" But I beg to differ - this is FOR SURE the comedian of a child that I see every day! God Love Him!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

17 Months!

Please excuse the pretzel all over this sweet face! We are up to 17 months now, and I tell you what - I can't feed this child enough, or keep him still long enough to take our traditional month-month pictures! This is the only one I got! Here's an update for this month...
Lincoln has become VERY expressive. This is his FAVORITE greeting for everyone... Anyone who is brave enough to even say "hi" to this child gets this face in response. And I can't stop him because everybody always laughs, which makes him do it again!

And that's not the only face we've learned to make. He is now making LOTS of silly faces! My favorite one though is when he is "rocking out" to music in the car. He has definitely been watching his daddy too much! He sticks his lips out and head bangs! Sometimes even raises the roof... The very best is when he "sings" with the radio. Funny stuff right there.

Lincoln's favorite things right now: tractors and big trucks! He will keep himself busy for a good hour just by playing with his tractors in the living room. When we are outside (thank you Lord for a few warm and beautiful days!), his favorite thing is the lawnmower. He will push this thing around forever and cries and cries if you make him go in!

My little golf-pro. Please take note of my refrigerator. If you are/have been thinking of getting stainless appliances please take note... It will look like this on a DAILY basis. You've been warned...

Lincoln is wearing 24 month clothing, and can wear 2t shirts (but not 2t pants). He weighs right at 27 pounds and is going through a tall-skinny phase! One of our neighbors asked me the other day, "what is he, about three?" Haha!! I think it's a combo of LOTS of hair, and really tall...

He has started repeating just about anything you say to him. Here's a list of words we can get pretty easily now:
mama, dada, moose, uh-oh, bye-bye, hey, ball, tractor, truck, car, bubbles, cheese, peacock, shoe, milk, more, golf cart, fish, dog, moo, cheese, pap, and sometimes other random words pop out! I am absolutely LOVING it! It's almost like he picks up a new word every day right now!

Lincoln is also able to feed himself pretty independently now. Now if you try to give him a bite from your fork, you may as well forget it... HE wants to do it HIMSELF! And he's not awfully particular about what he eats, but if you really need to get him to eat, give him a hot dog, green beans, or mandarin oranges. But honestly, I think he'd rather play than sit and eat any day.

We also have a new wave - it's a pageant girl wave! Wide open hand sweeping back and forth... Mom says its exactly how I waved when I was little.
And he is really loving the aqua doodle right now too... As well as reading books. Sometimes he'll even read one to you! I've been trying to catch this on video, as it is one of the funniest things ever, but as soon as he sees the camera, he clams up. :(
He'll open the book, babble a bunch while pointing at a picture, then turn the page. He really thinks he's big Pete...
I don't know if you can tell it or not, but I love this kid to absolute pieces... Happy 17 month Birthday little Stinker!

Little Lover

I'm not sure what has gotten into this little booger lately, but I'll tell you what - I hope it stays! Not that he isn't usually affectionate, but lately it's quite the understatement! He LOVES to "give love" to people!
He wraps those sweet little arms around your neck and squuueeeeeeeeeezzzes!! If you're lucky, you may even get a big ole slobbery kiss!

And sometimes he squeezes your hair or ears - just as an extra little touch of love...

I have to admit, it's the sweetest thing in the world... And while he's willing, I have been taking full advantage! I ask for "love" at least 20 times a day!

He even wants to love on babies! He reached for baby Charley at the museum the other day and planted a kiss on her too!
Someone told me the other day, "he knows he's got competition coming." If that's the case - I hope it continues after the competition actually gets here, cause it is just toooo good!

Friday, March 18, 2011

A little photo catch-up

There is no big reason for this post - other than the fact that I take WAY too many pictures! So here's a little rundown of our recent activities...
Lincoln was in his first wedding a couple weeks ago! More info to follow on a later post there... But Congrats Uncle Brad and Aunt Jaime!
And Lincoln FINALLY has a name to call his little brother!! Well, I'm sure he'll call him lots of names... But his official name will be "Liam Owen Morris." Liam per result of polling and Owen result of Pap! (Did you know my dad's real name is Owen?)
Papaw Douglas giving Linc a wheelbarrow ride!

Big kiss for Mamaw Douglas...

Snacks on the kitchen rug with Dramaw (see, I wasn't kidding about the rug thing!)

Lincoln in his big boy booster seat! Doing some discovery work with Pap's metal detector

Waiting patiently for a wagon ride...
Come here and give me a ride mom!

Not loving his new necktie too much

But he DOES love the aquadoodle!

Saying "CHEESE!" That's his new thing. When he sees a camera pointed at him, he says cheese and accompanies it with this "cheesey" face!
Actually, pretty noteworthy: Lincoln has really started saying A LOT of things lately! I guess it was the speech therapist in me, but I was starting to worry that he was just going to point and grunt forever! He'll just about repeat anything you say now! Off the top of my head, we have: mama, dada, moose, move, uh-oh, bye-bye, cheese, truck, car, more, bubbles, milk, ball, shoe, golf cart, peacock (I know, that one is really random, but Ashley has taught him to say it... Long story). It's just a little speech explosion at our house lately!
And Lincoln will be 17 months this week! "Birthday" post soon to follow...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How sweet is this?

Lincoln playing the role of "shy guy."

Giving hugs
The other night, our friends Matt & Jackie brought their daughter, Ellison, over for some play time. Lincoln was all play until Ellison sat in my lap... Jealous, much? Anywhos, glad I remembered to take a couple of pics - they were too cute!

Dance party in the dining room!
So glad we have such fun friends to share "parenting" with!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nameless Baby #2...

Dear Soon-to-be-here Still-nameless Baby,

To start, please know I am very sorry that I have yet to name you. I know it's not very nice to keep calling you funny names such as "no-name baby" and "nameless child," but I still have 9 weeks (almost) left to decide, so don't lose hope. Besides, you should probably know up front that your mother is the worlds best procrastinator. Seriously. I'm a pro at it.
So, here we are. You are 30 weeks old in womb speak :). They tell me you are right at three pounds now, and that you are around 16 inches long. You have been very kind to me so far in the weight gain area - as you haven't made me look QUITE as much like a sealion as your big brother did. Speaking of which, please don't be upset when you finally meet him if he tries to give you a whipping. He really does love you, he just likes to give people whippings when they hog my armspace.
You have, just like big brother, set the curse of gestational diabetes on me. Thanks child! (This would be why I say "less than 9 weeks left" - I'm not allowed to go past 39!) However, this time I've been a lot more aware, and less like "hey, I'm pregnant, I think I'll eat six boxes of sweettarts today." Pretty sure you're still growing a good sized sweet tooth in there, as sometimes marshmallow creme just SCREAMS my name! But with you, I've had very different cravings. Is this a sign that you are going to be a pickier eater? No avocados, sweettarts, applesauce, and chinese food this time. Now it's clementines (pretty sure I could eat my weight in them), cheese, chocolate oatmeal cookies (ok, maybe I just love those ALL the time), flavored water (I know, don't ask me, but I sure have been chuggin those things!), and salads. I guess that's a little healthier at least -aside from the cookies...
You have been a mover and a shaker from VERY early on. Felt you kicking around in there at 15 weeks, and your daddy was able to feel you kicking around at 18 weeks. And boy, do you ever kick around! SOOO much more active than big brother, and he sure wasn't calm! You've got to where you wake me up every night around 2:30 -tapdancing. I know, you're just getting me prepared for what's to come! People can see you rolling around in there from across the room sometimes! I must say, I love it.
I'll catch you up on your photo album so far...

Here you are at 8 weeks! Just a little pea!With a strong heart beat! 152 bpmAnd here you are at 18 weeks. What a sweet boy already!Trying to hide your eyes!And the news is out! You are officially a boy! (We knew it all along)

Here's your sweet face at 28 weeks. Your big brother NEVER let us see his face, so you get a special hug and kiss when you get here just for being cooperative! :)You were really wiggling those toes around.And this is a closeup of your profile. Now you're trying to hide your face, but guess what? Too late Mr!

And here is a look at how you're making your mommy grow!15 weeks18 weeks20 weeks25 weeks

28 weeks And currently: 30 weeks! (PS - ANOTHER shout out to Candid Xpressions by Leisa for the AWESOME preggo pics!) Thanks Leisa - You're awesome!
Little boy, I can't wait to meet you! Not long now!
Love you already,