Friday, February 28, 2014

Maui, Hawaii

Since the hubs ranked in as #1 for his company this year (shameless brag!!), we had the opportunity to go to Maui for a week at the beginning of February.  Here's a little highlight reel from our trip.

 Jumping in the falls on the Road to Hana (which BTW was the single longest road ever -- worth it -- but make sure you get home before it gets dark!).  Ash ended up getting SO car sick on those terrible curves on the way back!

 Black Sand Beach
 Swimming with the sea turtles
 It was Whale mating season while we were there, so we were lucky enough to get to watch them surface from our balcony.  You could hear them so plain under water!

 our balcony view

 Ran into Dave Chappell during dinner one night

 Rainbow Eucalyptus trees

 One of my very favorite parts of the trip - the Luau and Firedancers!!

 The other Medtronic reps that were there for "president's club"
 We also ran into Newt Gingrich outside the hotel -- I don't think he was overly excited that Ash stopped him for a picture.  Lol!

 Carving our Souvenir

And our favorite meal of the whole trip (and that's really saying something, because we had some ridiculously fantastic food) was at Mama's Fish House on our way to the airport.
Fantastic, memorable trip -- so blessed to get to go!!