Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Making Friends!

We are so lucky to have so many friends with babies around the age of ours! And it's so nice when summer rolls around so that we can get out and about with them more. Here are a few of Lincoln and Liam's playmates:Ellison McCormick playing "mommy" with Liam
And being a COUGAR with Lincoln!
Lincoln, Elsie Espinola, Liam, Henry Dunn, and Jack Logsdon sitting still *just* long enough for a picture!
And us mommies even remembered to take one this time! (Julie Dunn, Adrianne Logsdon, Amber Espinola -- we missed you Laura!)
Henry and James getting a little floor time. There is exactly a month between these two.
Lincoln and his buddy Ashton Thorpe
Sweet cousins, Lincoln and Charlee Bailey
Liam and his new buddy Sawyer Hilt - You'd never guess there's only ONE WEEK between these two!!

Hopefully we'll get lots more chances to hang out with our friends this summer!

Summer Activities!

What a busy summer we are having! All this wonderful weather is treating us well...
We've taken a couple trips to the Evansville Zoo, where they also happen to be doing some construction... Therefore, we spent as much time watching the backhoe as we did the animals!
We've eaten enough popsicles to sink a battleship...
We've gone for LOTS of wagon rides...
All while protecting our eyes of course...
We've taken snack breaks in the shade...
Many baths have been needed after getting hot and sweaty outside!
We've cracked open fresh watermelons... YUM!
We've even chilled out inside on the rainy days!
We have played around on tractors
and other farm equipment too!
Gone for piggy *belly* rides -
As well as bike rides!
Had fun on the playground
Mowed the yard
We've even squeezed a few naps in!
And when we can't play on Mim-mim and paps farm (yep, thats what Lincoln calls her now), we play farm inside!
And boy-o-boy, have we watched some Wiggles....
We've also played in the pool a lot - it's just hard to get pics of that activity!!
We are having an awesome summer and it's only half way through!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

20 Months and counting...

Oh my goodness, is this guy a mess or what? Talking up a storm - running everywhere - skipping (funniest thing to watch him attempt) - and into EVERYTHING!!!
Lincoln is saying so much stuff now, but my favorites have to be: "no" (I know, I know - but he says it so passionately!), "jupes" (grapes), "papis" (paci... yep, shoulda been gone a long time ago... I am aware, thank you), "Gigo's" (wiggles), "coke", "mim mim" (dramaw's new name), "hay" (used as in "hello" and now also used everytime he sees a haybale), "chooch" (train), "Peeeeeeez"(please), and "thanks" (made supercute by his little country accent!!). He is also starting to put two words together now. For example, he was talking on the phone with Mim-mim, and said "byebye mim mim!" So freakin cute...

He wanted to wear a hat like momma (or mam, as he calls me).

We are currently in a "Wiggles" rut. Last month it was tractor shows, now all of a sudden it's Wiggles. I have to say, I enjoyed the tractors more.... I now have every song memorized, know all their names, including some of the backup dancers! and even know some of their personal info... Scary... Now in the mornings, when he gets up, he pumps his arms up and down and says "Gig-o's."
And man alive, do we LOVE the pool!! No fear I tell ya. Not scared to go under, not scared to run and jump in... I'm glad he isn't scared of the water, but I'm pretty sure a little fear wouldn't hurt anything... On the bright side, he is really good at holding his breath! Pretty sure he'll be a swimmer before the summer's over.
So, if you'll remember, I was feeling optimistic about Lincoln telling us when he was pooping or peeing. Optimism has been put in check, lately... Now anytime we mention "big boy potty" we get a big..fat..enunciated.. NO... Oh, well. It'll happen, right? On the other hand, now every time he farts, he looks at us, laughs, and says "poop!" Yeah, it's really funny - while he's LITTLE...
Last I checked, Linc was right at 29 pounds, wearing 2t's, a size 6.5-7 shoe, and a size 4 diaper.

We are on a super schedule right now. Up at 730, nap (usually for three hours!) at noon, and bed at 830. Works for me! And he is getting much better with baby brother - he now only tries to ride him like a horse on occassion... And only steals his "papis" three times a day.

Regardless, he makes me laugh more than anything in the world... I love him so!

Two months old already?!?!

Am I lucky or what? I mean, just look at that toothless grin - could it get any sweeter? Can't believe this little dude is already two months old!
We are getting lots of grins and "goos" now - and still getting lots of naps during the day. Little champ pulled his first "all-night" snooze last night, too! Got up once squirming around, mommy put his paci back in and he was right back to sleep. AWESOME! But he is awake and alert so much more during the day now. He's really started to focus on faces and bright toys! And those legs (thunderthighs and all) go a hundred miles an hour when he's awake!
Liam is now comfortably fitting into all of the 3 month clothing, and is VERY near exceeding the pee limit for a size 1 diaper!! When I weighed him today (on our bathroom scale), he weighed in at 14 pounds - a growing boy! We are now up to 6 oz bottles (infamil newborn) every four hours during the day.

He sure is a cuddler - couldn't make this baby happier than when you hold him (have to admit, it makes mommy pretty happy too). And he is holding his head up so well now! He loves to be perched looking over your shoulder. Luckily for me, he really likes to be outside - I think he just likes to know that big brother is distracted, therefore not trying to manhandle him!! :)

Totally loving being mommy to two!