Saturday, August 28, 2010

Playing catch up...

I tried last week. I really did. For those of you keeping track, I posted twice last week. Or was that week before last?? Either way, point is, where does time go? If you're like me, you make a "mental list" of things you need to do. One list for "things for today" and one for "things for this week" (okay, I'll admit it, the list is usually on my palm - in sharpie). For me, the "things for today" list seems to migrate to "things for tomorrow" and usually morphs into "things for this week" - which usually evolves into "things for next week." Does anyone else share this problem? Or does it stem from my severe procrastination problem? Or am I just crazy? I'm starting to lean more towards the latter. For example, last Sunday I noticed one of the screws that keeps my dishwasher attached to it's cubby hole was broken. Simple, right? Call Home Depot, say "hey I need a new screw," they say "okay, we'll be out there this week." End of task. Well, it's now the following Saturday and guess what? I still haven't made it around to calling Home Depot...

Or what about this one: I have a lightbulb out in my master bathroom upstairs. All I have to do is run downstairs, grab another bulb, and screw it in. But for some reason, when I cross that magical boundary at the top of my staircase - my mind completely blocks any logic as to why I was heading downstairs in the first place.

Anywhos, these things really aren't important in the grand scheme. And I'm pretty sure if you're reading this blog, aptly titled "The Morris Family" you are probably expecting to read about, ahem, the "family" and not my disappearing brain - so let's get right to that part...

Lots of stuff going on around here! (other that shot lightbulbs)

Lincoln is in FULL FORCE of crawling, cruising, and climbing. That child will climb anything! Still haven't found a gate for the bottom of our steps - but I have "engineered" a stopper. I'm not even gonna go into what I have to rig up to keep him from climbing... Either way, when we do let him climb (with us on his tail of course) he can make it all the way up 16 steps in about 45 seconds.
Lincoln at 44 weeks (or 10 months if you're a normal human being)

He's also doing a lot of talking lately. "Dada," "baba," "gog," and as of this morning (finally!) "mama." Of course Ashley was proud as punch that he said "dada" first - and I was tickled too, cause that means the next one will be a boy - which means we get to try for a third!! Haha!! I showed you to gloat you evil husband who only wants two children!! I know... It's only a wive's tale... But a girl can dream, right? See, I wouldn't mind having more than two (at least that's what I say now), but Ashley REALLY wants to stop at two (you know, they really aren't very cheap). So, the only way I think I can squeeze in a number three is if the next is a boy, too. Secretly, I'd be fine with just a boy and a girl. But it's sooo much more fun to poke at my husband with my "dreams of multiple children" !!!

On another note, Lincoln had his first "vacation" from us a couple weeks ago. We headed down to the Dominican and left him with Dramaw and Pa for a week. He had an absolute blast! I think he rode every piece of heavy machinery my sweet little dad owns. And I'm positive he was absolutely covered with kisses from Dramaw. I only called once per day, cause I knew if I kept calling, it would just make me miss him more. And I must say, I did really well until the last day!! We were very glad to be home with our little man! (Oh, and we had fun too, in case you were concerned!)

Please ignore this terrible shirt that my dear husband insists on wearing on EVERY vacation!

He spent the next weekend with Nana and Papaw in Evansville while we took a short (and annual) trip to "Camp Day" with our friends. Usually we head down to KY Lake in June with a bunch of our buddies, but it was a little postponed this year. Nana and Papaw were nice enough to stay at our house so Lincoln could have his own crib and toys.

Thanks to all Grandparents that participated in our "Brooke and Ashley Live Like they're Newlyweds" week.... :)

Lincoln is also doing quite a bit of dancing these days. He loves to stand up and dance to any music! He also likes, when he's sitting down, to clap along with a song. I know, how cute is that, right? And the child wants to be outside more than anything! Most mornings, when he gets up, we go straight out back and water the tomatoes. It's been so nice this last week, we've even taken a couple of early morning walks! Of course, we can take a walk without our trusty goldfish and sippy cup.

Last night, we took Lincoln to his first football game with some buddies of ours (so what if it was just a high school game! Don't judge me!). Say hello to Matt, Jackie, and Ms. Ellison.First off, I have to say, I can't BELIEVE how nutty Evansville people are over high school football! I bet you there were 1200 people there to watch the game! Have you seen Friday night lights?? It was just like that!! Secondly, I have to say that I am seriously concerned about high school children. I mean, scary... I had a serious conversation with my husband last night about the possibility of home-schooling... Okay, it wasn't THAT serious... Anyways, we really didn't stay all that long due to the fact that we had two small children with us and one starving mommy (that'd be me). But we did stay long enough to get a reminder of what old farts we are. At one point, our friend's daughter Ellison dropped her paci. I pecked the young (and by young I obviously mean child-less) man in front of me to ask if he could reach under him and retrieve the "paci." Said young man looked under his feet, and replied, "There's no Pepsi under here." Aahhh... Oops. Got caught using "mommy speech" again... After my "oh, I meant pacIFIER" explanation, said young man retrieved the paci and scoffed at our screaming children. Alright, he didn't really scoff at our children, but I'm sure he wanted to.

On another note, Lincoln now also loves to play ball! We spent a whole trip to Target chasing a bouncy ball that daddy got for him! Every time you would hand it back to him, he'd launch it! Speaking of that, we think Little Mr. may be a lefty! Wouldn't surprise me much, Ashley's a lefty, my brother's a lefty, my grandpa is a lefty, and so on and so forth...

Basically, little stinker is growing like a weed! I would love to attach a video of him dancing - but I have VERY little success with the video thing. So, to end this entry, I would like you to please imagine Lincoln doing the "baby dance" to "Teach me How to Dougie." You're welcome dear husband!

I have to go change a lightbulb and call Home Depot now! Have a great one!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday -- 9 month pics

Photography by Gabrielle (Bowling Green, KY)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oh, the places you'll go.... A chronicle on crawling...

Isn't it amazing how fast babies can crawl?? There for a week or so, Lincoln was just a putterin along, in no hurry... Then:This is the view we get of him most often (okay, not normally naked, but you get the drift)

Turn your head for a split second, and guess what?? We find the doggy bed! I know mom, you'll have nightmares over this picture for weeks! (I can hear her now, "how can you let that baby get in that dirty dogs bed?? Go give him a bath!") But hey, looks comfy right?

Turn your head for two split seconds and this is what happens!! Talk about Dramaw's nightmares! That's right, I walked into another room and when I returned: no baby... Walked around the corner and there he is! Just having an alpo snack!
Now this, on the other hand, gives ME nightmares! Stairs!! With ceramic tile at the bottom!! And no gate!! Anyone have any advice on where to find a gate for, quite possibly, the most complicated stairway in the world? It's not really that complicated, the handrail is just extended further than most and is giving us FITS trying to find one that will work!! I have to say, he's pretty daggone good at climbing those suckers (with us following of course)!!

Nothing is more fun that water to this kid! He screams like you've amputated his leg when it's time to get out...

Oops, stuck under the chair! And no, normally I don't store my dining room chairs in the living room. I was mopping for your information.... Either way, stinker decided to try to crawl under them to get to me, and before you know it, he was stuck in the middle!

This is a personal favorite... I'm in the kitchen cooking, and I hear a clanging noise. I walk over to look into the living room and Lincoln has this dirty looking stuff on his face. Upon closer observation, I noticed that he has learned to remove our heat/air registers and reach way down in there to find any dust bunnies that may be hidden!

And this is Lincoln's favorite spot in the house: where he can look outside! I swear you could stick him outside and he'd be fine all day! If you walk past the door and don't go outside, I assure you, you will hear about it...

Incase you are wondering why there are so many pant/diaper-less pictures of stinker, this picture would serve as a short explanation of why... Before you can even get a diaper off, he has flipped over and is TAKING OFF!!! Sometimes it takes a tagteam effort to get the diaper on, so sometimes mommy just doesn't struggle for the pants... So shoot me...

And this would be how I find him every morning now. Except for this morning, when I went in to a baby with a black speckled face... Yeah, guess who was nibbling bits of the crib off?? Think we may be teething??

And another fun finding! These things mommy calls drawers open and close AND they store all kinds of fun stuff that I can spread around the kitchen!!
I've had to lock most of the cabinets, but a few of them I just let him go!
What can I say? We officially have a crawler!