Sunday, December 19, 2010

And we have a walker!!

In my last post, I commented on how this poor child refuses to walk... Well, no longer... We went from walking only with the assistance of a toy (see below): To walking (and climbing) on anything he can find! Here you can see how he took a climb inside one of my bar stools and couldn't climb his way out! On December 13th, he took a few steps all on his own, and we thought "hmmm... that's interesting" and as of the 14th - the crawling was pure history! He looks a little like Frankenstein, but he's so very confident now that he is walking EVERYWHERE! It is too funny!

Even with all the walking, we are still (knock on wood) avoiding the Christmas Tree!

I didn't think he would appreciate me posting the really embarassing photos here, but on the way to take a bath was THE funniest! Watchin that little naked butt hobbling around! Ha!

Could you not just eat him up?

We are finally as ready as we can get for Christmas! Most of our Christmas shopping was finished pretty early, just some last minute pickups here and there. Wrapping has been *impossible* when Lincoln is awake...

And I couldn't help myself. I got Lincoln this chair from Land of Nod, and I couldn't resist giving it to him early. He's really too young to care anyway right? I wondered what he would think about it, but it didn't take long to figure it out! He loves it! He has sat/climbed/jumped on this thing so much already that it has made it totally worth it.

Watching some Christmas cartoons in his comfy chair!

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Christmas this year!

It's a BOY! AGAIN!!

I guess it's time I started adding Baby #2 to the blog! Here's our progress so far: 15 weeks here!
18 weeks here!

20 weeks here! Halfway already!
I felt the first bit of movement pretty early this time! 11/20 (16 weeks) I started feeling a lot of movement. So much in fact, that I had to ask Dr. Foster if that was normal! I figured since it's baby #2, I probably just knew what to feel for - but Dr F seemed to think that MAYBE since I haven't gained a bunch of weight (like I had by this time last pregnancy) I could be feeling more. Ashley felt it for the first time on 12/3 (18 weeks). Seems like I was barely gaining until just the last week or so and now I DEFINATELY feel/look pregnant...

On December 7th we got to find out the sex of baby #2. We were very anxious - although I personally couldn't believe it was time to find out already! I guess with chasing a one year old around, time gets away from you! Either way, we weren't shocked with the results... We were both feeling the same way with our guess... Take a look at the ultrasound and see if you get the message:
Name suggestions anyone?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

a late 13 month update

So, I got these cute little stickers that you're SUPPOSED to put on a baby's shirt and take a picture to remember how many months they are. Instead, I just stuck it on Lincoln's chest and called it a day (and the mommy of the year award goes to......). Needless to say, Lincoln did not understand! This is the only picture I managed to get that he isn't trying to pull it off!
Anywhos, I was thinking, with Christmas on our doorstep, I'm afraid I won't have time for a good post for a little while. Thought I'd go ahead and post a few pics I've taken in the past couple of weeks and update on month 13 happenings.
With me being pregnant, somedays I don't remember my name (I'm sure, if we're friends on FB, that you saw my recent post about losing a couple of presents??). But we have been trying to get our Christmas spirit going. I have all four trees up - but obviously am lacking pictures - then again, why do you want to see my tree? It's the kid that's important, right?? Speaking of the kiddo, I was really afraid we may have to build a pony wall around the tree to keep him out of it this year. I hate to even admit this out loud, but he has not even acted like he's noticed the tree! I think he may have touched it once, I said "no no" and he crawled off... Weird...
On the subject of crawling - my little sweetpea is obviously picketing against walking. He will walk if you FORCE him to (by that I mean stand 6 steps away and tease him with his favorite toys - again, "mommy of the year" award). He can crawl at the speed of light, and he bear crawls (you know, on his feet and hands as opposed to knees and hands) everywhere! He will cruise around and between objects like crazy. He will basically RUN with his push toys! But try to get him to walk all by his lonesome?? No way Jose... So surprising to us! He's been cruising FOREVER, so we assumed he would just take off. In his own sweet time I suppose.
We have taken a couple trips to see Santa already. Once at the photographers house, where SMART santa hid behind the chair so Lincoln wouldn't see him, long enough to take a couple of pictures. We got some really cute ones... until... Poor santas jingle bell banged up against the chair and Lincoln whipped around to find the source of the noise... I have never seen the child throw such a fit. But, on the other hand, I have to say if I turned around and there was a really hairy old fat guy leaning over my head, I might freak out too... (also some funny pics!)
On our second attempt, we went to the mall. We walked right up to Santa, introduced ourselves, and sat right down in his lap. Was Lincoln "happy" to be in his lap? Comfortable? Smiling? No, no and no. However, we didn't have any crying, so all was well.

Thanks for the cool "Dougie" shirt Matt & Jackie. Daddy loves it...
On another note, Mr. Lincoln is really getting verbal. He imitates lots of sounds that we make (ie "Shew" for a stinky diaper, "shhh" with finger over lips) and he tries to imitate whole sentences at times, which is REALLY funny! You can tell by his inflection and tone that he thinks it makes sense - but all we hear is "ba RAYray da." You understood that, right?
Occasionally a real word or two will surface, but we are 95% babble for now.
And boy are we a climber or what?!? This kid loves to empty out any basket or bucket he can find and climb right in (as evidenced above).
He always mocks us when we laugh, especially if there is a group of people. When everyone starts laughing, he stops what he is doing to laugh along.
Lincoln's favorite foods right now are... well, anything edible. Especially green beans and french fries. Or anything you can use a fork with. Sometimes, if we are at a resteraunt and he doesn't have a fork, he'll pick up his food with a crayon. Yep, you heard that right. He will stab it with a crayon and put it in his mouth... We also learned he likes asparagus, loves pizza, demolishes sausage, and thinks he likes chocolate chip muffins until he gets them in his mouth. The chocolate chip muffin comes back out everytime... He is also (please someone tell me this is normal) in a bad habit of spitting out whatever is in his mouth if he sees something he would rather have, or is offered a drink. Nasty.
Little buddy weighs in at 26 pounds now and is 32 inches tall. Such a big boy. I love this kid more than I could ever find words to say.
On another note, we get to find out sex of baby #2 on Tuesday of this week! Will Lincoln be getting a brother or a sister??? We'll see!