Monday, June 30, 2014

Quarter 2 2014

I apologize in advance for the multitude of pictures -- but that's what happens when you don't post for a year.  Here is a highlight reel of April, May, and June of 2014:
 Overnight trip to St Louis for a zoo visit and a visit to the Childrens Museum.  If you have kids and haven't been -- its a must!

 Liam's Third birthday was April 23.  We took a little trip to the zoo - it was SO nice outside!

 Birthday party to follow at Pump It Up!

 Then ANOTHER birthday party at MimMim and Paps!
 Look at Liam's face with the Easter bunny! LOL!  He LOVES anything in a costume.  Lincoln, not so much.

 painting eggs with ashton

 Easter Morning, the bunny was here!
 On our way to Easter Service
 Easter at my parents house

 Managed to sneak (and I mean SNEAK) a picture of Kristen in.  She looks so cute cookin those twins!

 Easter with the Jonas'

 And the Arrival of the twins!!  Evie Lynn and Claire Elizabeth

 trip to the wildlife museum with MimMim

 Our first Season of baseball is in the books!  Lincoln played for the "Pizza Chef" team with ashton -- and he absolutely loved it!
 Ash helped coach

 Look at that face!!  So excited.

 First Dual dentist appointments.  Both Cavity free (thank goodness after Lincolns first go with the crown!) and they actually thought it was fun.  Weirdos.
 Fathers Day

 Lincoln and Pap's first fishing tournament:

 Strawberry pickin at Mayse Farm

 Drive in Movie night!

 We really love summer.  Really.

 The kids had their first camp this summer with Ellison McCormick at CMOE -- Big World Camp.  Two hours a day for a whole week.  Liam's first struggle with separation.  Normally separation is a MAJOR deal for him, but he only cried two days for the camp!  I think he's finally learning I'll come right back.  LOL!

 Monster Truck Rally at the 4H center

 These kids are crazy about playing in the creek

 Memorial Day
 with the McCormicks!