Tuesday, August 30, 2011

22 months, 4 months - and a bit of randomness...

What can I say? I always try to do a pic of these two together when they both turn a month - but this month I do believe they weren't in the picture taking mood... This is the best I could do... Oh well, at least they aren't screaming!!

These two have really grown to love each other. Okay, Liam has really grown to love Lincoln, and Lincoln tolerates Liam. I'm sure this method of thinking will continue - don't worry, I'm as prepared as I can possibly get... But how cute is this picture?

This is Liam's month #4. At this time he is wearing 6-9 (mostly 9) month clothing. He weighs 17 pounds and is 25.5 inches long. Comparison to Lincoln at 4 months: 2 inches shorter, 1 pound lighter. He is wearing a size 3 diaper, and a size 2 shoe (I found that out yesterday - it was the first time I've put shoes on the kid!!). He is NOT rolling over yet, but he RARELY gets to hang out in the floor alone. Let's just say Lincoln REALLY loves to "play" with him when he's in the floor. He did *almost* roll completely over belly to back the other day, but stopped on his side. He is sleeping on his belly as he doesn't enjoy being on his back (thus the reason he hates his carseat). He can now sit up for a few minutes at a time when assisted by the boppy seat (picture to follow). We are also working on some foods! Yay!! Poor thing, everytime you eat he opens his mouth like a little baby bird everytime you take a bite... We've been eating some rice cereal, which he likes, pears - again a like, and we even tried squash... Maybe that one will grow on him. I also gave him some little broken up pieces of puffs the other day which made for some GREAT entertainment! The pictures of the terrible horrible face are on mom's camera, but I will have to post some, as they are HILARIOUS!

Anyways, he takes 4 8oz bottles a day. Goes to bed at 830 and gets up at 730. He takes a little catnap around 10, a LONG nap at 1, and a catnap at 5. He's a really good sleeper! There are no signs of teeth yet, where Lincoln already had two by this time! He is such a sweet baby and just smiles all of the time. You can just sneak a look at him and he'll smile like crazy. He has the cutest little belly laugh - loves to pretend to "fly" - and LOVES to stand holding your hands. And in case you were wondering, doesn't look so much like Lincoln did anymore! He definitely has his own look (which I think favors my brothers baby pictures - okay, favors would probably be a mild word). I know I'm awfully lucky to have another happy, good sleeping baby!!

Now Lincoln, dear friends, is 22 months old now - and has a HUGE personality! Will quite literally repeat ANYTHING you say - and has started talking in 2-3 word "sentences". He also likes to sing (especially "row row row row row row row row.....boat" while doing the movements). He has learned some rather interesting new lingo, such as "sup" (for example, here is what daddy gets greeted with when he gets home from work: "DADDY!! Sup?"). We recently learned "homie" (thanks Bec!) - and he is crazy about anything with a ball - golf, basketball, baseball, whatever. Likes to yell "In da Hole!" We are also CRAZY over trains right now. We are actually taking him to "A Day out with Thomas" next week in Cincinatti. Can't wait to see his reaction! He is at such a fun age right now!!

I dont think anything has changed much size-wise since last post. But worth mentioning is potty-training... Not going SO great, but we have managed to pee in the potty a couple times - and even poop once. We've had another outdoor poop since the last post (i swear he really ain't naked outside that much!

Oh, and lately we've really been hung up on "Ho-Ho" - when you ask him what ho-ho is going to bring him, you usually get choochoos, tractors, toons (cartoons) and oats. That's right folks, ho-ho is bringing that kid oats. He loves them THAT much!

Also loves to get in the babies toys. Bouncy seat, pack-n-play, or walker - doesn't matter to him...

Big Pete!

Also worth noting, this is what i get when i try to take pics lately:

He's taken up permanent residency on the kitchen counter... Loves to "cook" and help wash dishes.

Also a professional cup drinker now!

Yes, i give my kid baths in the sink. As Paula Deen would say, "I'm country ya'll!"

Dinner at Oak Meadow.

Wearing daddy's shoes!

Happy baby!!

Thinks his brother is SO funny!!

Please excuse typos as I'm trying to blog one-handed!! (feeding a baby!)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dinosaur World!

Mom and I have talked about stopping at Dinosaur world with Lincoln for a little while now. Last weekend, we were at their house and the men had gone fishing, so we thought it was the perfect time for a little trip! I had, admittedly, set my expectations pretty low for this place. I thought there'd be a couple of dinosaurs and that's it. I was pleasantly surprised by the whole place! And Lincoln had a blast! There's a dinosaur themed playground, a dinosaur skeleton buried in sand that you can dig around (pretty much a HUGE sandbox), a museum, a lifesize dinosaur trail (which is kinda long!), a giftshop, and a fossil dig. I have to admit, I had a LOT of fun with the fossil dig!!

Mim-mim and I decided not to take a stroller since we didn't think we'd be there very long... About 2 hours in we decided a stroller may have been a great idea!

We ended up hanging out there for about three hours! And I didn't think it'd even take 30 minutes!

Lincoln digging up fossils - you get to keep your favorite three!

It was a little expensive, but both of my kiddos were free - and we got two free tickets for a return trip anytime in December, so I thought it was so worth it!


This is the dinosaur you can see from the interstate.

Lincoln got to ride a wooly mammoth! (Or a dinosaur elephant as my dad called it)

We had a blast! I definitely recommend it!

Friday, August 19, 2011

County Fair!!

Yep, this post is (like most things I do) very late. But I had to include it anyways since Lincoln loved it so much!! (PS - Dear Liam, sorry there are no pictures of you - you weren't too into the fair this year!!)

Vanderburgh County fair was during the HOTTEST week of the year!! I was a little hesitant to go because I was afraid Liam wouldn't tolerate it well - but we went and Lincoln LOVED it! Not to mention, Liam didn't mind a bit!! He ended up so sweaty in that stinkin car seat by the time we left, but he didn't complain a bit!! Lord knows Lincoln loves tractors, so this was his heaven!! There is always a big section of antique tractors that people bring in, and I didn't think we were gonna get out of that section! Until he saw the train in one of the buildings - then he was easily diverted!! :)We even corralled dad into coming with us one day!The BIGGEST gravity wagon Lincoln had ever seen!!

"Bock - bock!!" Lincoln really wanted to pet the turkeys - Something told me that wouldn't be a good idea!!"Baaa Baaa!!"He really loved this old drum train!!See how much he loves tractors!!We ended up SO sweaty!! He didn't mind, that just meant bathtime!!!

Can't wait to do this again!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Worth Remembering

So, I started back to work (on Mondays) a couple weeks ago. Mom comes up to my house every Monday to watch the gremlins while I work (which is SOOO much appreciated). On my first day back, the boys had spent the night at Mim-mims, so I just met her in Owensboro after work to pick them up. On my second day back, she came to Evansville to watch them. This is what I came home to: Mim-mim looked like she had been attacked by a grizzly!!! When I walked in the door, both boys were napping, and mom greeted me, not even realizing that her shirt was in tattered pieces! "Mom, what in the world happened?? Where you attacked by a lion?" Her response, "Oh, my Lord... I don't even know how that happened"
And welcome to my world.....

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This is what happens when you finally get your hands on Mim-Mims camera!!

I apologize in advance for the MILLION pictures in this post..... But the other day, mom was at my house with her camera and I got the great idea to download her pics to my computer. Wow... She's almost as bad as I am! But she did manage to catch some great shots, so here is what I like to call : "The Mim-Mim compilation"

Cool Dudes!

Check out those happy boys!

They sure love their Pap!!

Liam showing off for Mamaw and Pap-oo

The whole (growing) family on the 4th of July

This is what happens when you ask Lincoln if he's a booger!

He's got a jughead like Pap!

Somebody had fun with their spaghetti!!

Now this is funny! He found a tractor in paps closet and wanted to tell him about it, but he was in the bathroom. So, he goes and knocks on the door, all excited - and pap says wait a minute...

So, he patiently waits a minute.... Then starts getting antsy.... He REALLY wants Pap to open this tractor! (See the stress he's experiencing in this pic??)

A minute turns into three or four and he just can't take it anymore!!

Above is what happened when I tried to get a picture with Liam - Lincoln HAD to have the attention! But I got one thanks to distractions (tractors).

If you're taking a picture of BOTH of them, he's all good!

My dad will probably kill me for this one - but I think it's the sweetest thing ever!

Obviously, these go back a couple months!! Look at the sweatshirts!

Mamaw and Papaw Douglas

Eating his first taco. Loves them!!

Loves him some Mim-mim

Thanks mim-mim for letting me steal your pictures!