Friday, November 27, 2009

Lincoln's Newborn Photos

Photography by:
Jessica Parsley

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Ok, so it appears that I'm not so good at keeping up with this blog... As most things in my life go, I get a good start, have good intentions, and then forget what I was doing completely.... I would love to blame it on pregnancy brain, but....

Anywhos, plenty going on around our house these days. Little man sure is keeping us busy! Seems that he took after his mother and has the most energy at night. Funny thing is, mother doesn't seem to still HAVE that much energy... At any time of day! I've always heard new mothers say that they can't get anything accomplished and wondered why. After all, babies do sleep a majority of the day! What I did not realize was that babies also have an innate ability to sense when you start an important task (ie. showering, cleaning, cooking) and will choose that time to share their lung power with you! Thus making it impossible to finish said task in a timely manner. For example, I decided to make my deviled eggs on Wednesday this week to save some time on Thanksgiving morning. I started this process at 10:00 am. I finished deviling eggs at 5:30 pm... Yep, you read that right...

On the other hand, Lincoln has started being awake/alert for longer periods of time. He will now stay awake, just looking around checking things out, for two or three hours at a time. It is too precious. He doesn't really cry very much (knock on wood), he just looks around and coos. And he is really into checking people out now. He really focuses on your face, and loves to be talked to. He even tries to "talk" back sometimes! Maybe it's just me (of course not!) but I do think he's the most adorable baby ever. I bet you've never heard a mother say that about her child?
Lincoln, talking to his daddy

On another note, what a change a baby makes. This Thanksgiving was one for the books. So many things we have to be thankful for. God has given us a perfect baby boy, a wonderful loving marriage, the best, most supportive families that we could ever ask for, a marvelous group of friends, I could go on and on... I think we may be two of the luckiest people alive... Thanksgiving at the Vincent's
Thanksgiving at the Jonas'

By the way, if you need a good photographer, Jessica Parsley is the BEST!! Not to mention the best of friends... She sent a slideshow of Lincoln's newborn (well 2 weeks) pics, and they are FABULOUS. I am going to try to post the slideshow here, but I make no promises... Computer illiterate you know... However, if you see a new slideshow on here, just know the pictures are by Jess!!
Hangin out with Momma

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Finally posting!!

Sorry it's taken so long to post an update! I'm having quite a hard time figuring out how to post pictures!
So, you probably already know that Baby Lincoln is here! He was born on October 23rd at 2:55 pm. I was admitted on the 22nd, and pitocin was started at 6 am on the 23rd. After a long day of contractions (thank you epidural!) and a short 25 minutes of pushing, the little guy arrived! Wow, what a feeling! His little face was pretty bruised for the first day or so thanks to a quick descent, but otherwise, he was a perfectly healthy 7 pounds and 13 ounces! Not to mention a long 21.5 inches! Thank goodness they induced when they did or we may have had a monster baby!
My parents, Ashley's parents, Nathan and Kristen, Brad and Rebecca were all there to welcome little Mr. to the world! Unfortunately, the hospital rules kept us from having everyone in at once, but we cycled people in and out two at a time and it worked. Stressed ME out, but it worked.
Also, a great blessing was having my mom here for nearly a week! She got up with Lincoln during the nights, cleaned the house, did the dishes and laundry, and even cooked us meals! Ashley was so glad to have her here, I think more than anything because it kept me from stressing out! Ashley said he was sure she was glad to leave because she probably felt like a slave! Somehow I figure she wasn't quite ready to leave though....
I can't begin to explain how lucky Ashley and I are to have such a perfect little man! He has been such a good baby so far! Sleeping good (5-7 hours at a time at night), eating good, hardly ever cries! I'm definately getting spoiled and I'm sure our next one will be a hellian! We have had some wonderful company, and even some delicious meals delivered by friends over the last week or two. Again, what lucky people we are!
I have no way to explain how much I love this little guy... He is so perfect... And he's an October baby!
I'm sorry this post is a little scattered, I promise I'll post one that is a little more organized in the days to come. If you can believe it, I've just had a lot going on lately! Hope you enjoy the pics!!