Monday, April 5, 2010

What a Ham!!

Well, I'm going to begin this blog by posting some of my favorite pictures since last post. I know they are rather random, but hang in there, the Easter one's are right behind these crazy pics! Look at my little baby!! Sitting up all by himself!! I think we are gonna need to put some bricks on this kid's head! How does a baby grow so fast?
I'm very sorry to bombard you with pictures this time, but when I started trying to pick my favorites.... well, what can I say? They're all my favorites!
For all you "Office" fans... This shirt was a gift from our friends, Rhanda - Andy - and Cruz.

Guess who REALLY loves bathtime!

Oh, my... You are seeing this correctly! That is TWO, count them, TWO teeth! Both in the fourth month! Is this really early or is it just me?

We definately have some "crazy hair days" around this house. I'm just glad they aren't all mine anymore!

Lunch with Nana and Papa at Old Chicago. Lincoln really loves to dine out, he's oh-so-cultured... Haha!!

Ashley and I are in the process of trying to "rennovate" our landscaping. The people who built our house obviously landscaped on their own, and now it's just a big rocky mess. We have been driving around neighborhoods trying to get ideas of what we want. The other day, we took a trip to Lowes to check out some plants and trees that may fit our ideas. This was our favorite one. What do you think?
Oh, Poor Moose... He is no longer the center of attention, he's no longer allowed to grab any toy that falls to the ground, he's no longer allowed to bark like a fool at people walking by the house, but this??? This has gone tooooo far. (I mean, really, look at that poor dog's face. Can't you just hear him saying, "Really? Really mom?")

Sweet cereal. How we love you so... It makes us all so happy!
And, now... To introduce... The funniest woman in the world... What is it about Dramaw that is soooo funny?? I'm a little jealous actually... I never get laughs like Dramaw does???
Okay, now THIS was an adventure. Our first moderately warm day of the spring, so we decide "Yay! Daffodil pictures!" I tell you what, we sat in that field bottom for nearly two hours, and I think we MAYBE got three pictures where this child is actually looking up! We ended up laying on the ground to be able to see his face! Between the flowers and the eggs in his basket, he was just too preoccupied to say "cheese."

Now this picture, I mean, how could you ever resist this face? I could literally kiss this picture it's so sweet... Seriously, look at those piggies!

Our First Easter!
(See, I told you they were down here!)
And here's the debut of our First Family Easter! What a fabulous day it turned out to be! We went to Church then had dinner at moms. We have Easter #2 at Nana and Papa's this coming weekend. Lincoln got lots of fun Easter goodies, and though he didn't get to hunt eggs, I think he still had LOTS of fun!
He was all about some Paps on Easter. Clung to him like crazy at church, and spent lots of playtime afterwards too!
The Vincent Family
Yep, his basket was big enough for him to comfortably sit in!
He sure had fun pulling all of the goodies out of that basket! (PS - Don't tell daddy I posted a picture with his bunny ears on! He didn't think they were very cute for BOYS)

Great-Grandma and Grandpa Vincent swung by over the weekend, too. Lincoln really put on a show for those two!And last but not least, Lincoln's new highchair (at Dramaw's house). He really loves to sit in his highchair and watch us buzz around the kitchen. He just yells and hollars when he needs to be noticed (cause you know, he never gets any attention...)