Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Pap!

All Pap's babies got together to celebrate his birthday!
Helping blow out the candles...
This only looks sweet and innocent!
Fishing with MimMim
Lincoln found uncle Nathan's old world series hat. Rockin' it!
Annalee and Liam enjoying the party. This is the only time Liam sat in one spot all day long. That kid is a wiggle worm!
How sweet is she?
He is, for sure, Pap's buddy!
Liam does not enjoy ice cream!
Loungin! I think this picture is so funny!

Going for a wagon ride.
Hope you had a really happy Birthday Pap!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Heart Day 2012

What could be better than these two handsome men on Valentine's Day?

Oh, yeah - these THREE men!

Liam was less excited about his gifts and more excited about Lincoln's candy!

Thanks to Pinterest (you know, that website that completely sucks you in and makes you think you are crafty, a chef, and a stylist?), I used Lincoln's hands and Liam's foot into a cute little masterpiece. Lincoln did the polka dots "all by maself". Made one for each of the grandparent's and they actually made more sense. They said, "from the bottom of our hearts to the tips of our toes, we love you!"

He also helped me make these so-very-pretty jello parfaits (also from pinterest). I note that they were oh-so-pretty because it's much more positive than telling you that they were oh-so-crappy. My husband actually said he imagined that the top layer was the same texture that he would image flesh would be if you were biting into it. Yum... Don't make these... Don't be like me...

Relaxing, watching the "pad"

Couldn't have asked for better Valentine's dates this year. We stayed at the house and I broiled steaks - hubs made asparagus. Works for me... :)

thoughtless thursday

Not too many words behind this one due to time crunch! But here are some of my favorite pictures of late: Liam is into EVERYTHING. New favorite food: anything that he can pull out of my flower arrangement... :(

He acts just as bossy as he looks...

Relaxing in the "gradge"
I told Lincoln we needed to take a snack break, and he said, "if you say so!"

throwing bread in for the fish at the "big creek" (the big pond - or LAKE for you evansvillians - down the street)

"what all is in this wagon?"

Such a ham!

Yes, his face is most usually this dirty..