Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winter Events!

 Our first trip to the Circus -- both boys loved it!  Especially the part with the motorcycles, of course.

 Think he looks like his daddy?

 How fun was this?  Polar Express in French Lick.  We boarded the train and went on a ride to the "north pole" while the story was read over the speakers.  There were performers on each car dancing and serving hot chocolate and cookies.
 These two hooligans loved it!

 Until we got to the north pole and Santa boarded.  Lincoln and Santa were not BFFs this year.  He was better once Santa moved along to the next car.

 We also built our first gingerbread house this year.  Actually, we just ate the candy.  Very little gingerbread house making really happened...

 Then, on a whim, mom and I took off to Nashville to go to "Shrek on Ice".  We made a stop at the Rainforest Cafe for lunch (FUN!), then onto Ice.
 Not so sure about these roaring tigers....
 So, we didn't really realize that Ice was 9 degrees...  Lincoln was fine, Liam was MISERABLE....  He pretty much cried for the last half...

 But it was super cute!  And watching mom go down the ice slide and knock the little worker over made up for the crying.
 It was warm outside, though!
 Then we had a pretty nice (8 inches!) snow the day after Christmas.  Both of the kids were puny, but they begged to go outside, so we had to take a very short little trip.

 Snow angels!
 Or in Liam's case, Snow devils!!  Ha!  I kid...
 They really only enjoyed it for a few minutes...  Which was probably good since they were sickly anyways.
 But we went back out later that week, and they really enjoyed it then.  Even Liam made some snowballs!
 Takin a cruise around the block in the gator!
And this is how we spent our New Years!!  Couldn't ask for a more fun bunch!  I love these guys...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas 2012

 How exciting this Christmas was with these little boogers around.  Both big enough to really enjoy everything this year.  They even helped decorate the trees (as long as you consider running off with ornaments as helping)!

 I CAN.NOT.BELIEVE that I captured both boys smiling with Santa -- he was NOT our favorite person this year.  I guess I should admit that I was standing behind the photographer with a Woody and a Buzz Pez and said I'd only give it to them if they'd smile with Santa.  Parenting at its finest!
 How sweet is this face?
 *My boys*
 Opening their presents from "Aunt" Becca
 Little ham
 MimMim and Pap with the grandbabies
 Nathan, Kristen, and Annalee

 My muscle men

 The demolition of the gingerbread house.  Thanks Uncle Nathan for the treat!
 Liam always wants to hold "babies" -- Even if the babies are just as big as he is! (Cousin Quinn)

 "Loud" Papoo and Nanny (as Lincoln refers to them)  Haha!!
 Nanny and Papoo Douglas

 In the Playroom at Nanny and Papoo Douglas' house with Tyson
 SANTA WAS HERE!!!  These two didn't know what to play with first!

 Mid Present opening snack break...  :)
 This is what happens when Liam is behind the wheel!
 Now off to Nanny and Papoo Jonas' house
 Nanny Link was in for Christmas this year
 "Hurry up and pass em out already!"
 Taking a stab at the new tool kit.  I think this one's a keeper!
We had such a wonderful, blessed Christmas.  Hope you all did, too!