Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So this is a blog??

Hello all!
I guess I am finally giving in to the world of "blog." I have no idea if I am doing this right or not, but here goes!
If you are reading this, then you are fully aware that baby Lincoln is well on his way!! As a matter of fact we can expect to meet him in about 91 days (not that I'm counting or anything)! As of tomorrow, I will be 26 weeks. It's only fitting that he is due that close to Halloween, as it is my favorite day of the year... However, I have to admit that seeing the halloween stuff already out on the shelves is creeping me out a little bit. Can it be that close to time already?
I guess at this point in time, most people have their little rooms decorated and their furniture all organized. Me? No. But I do have 38 outfits hanging in the closet, and 6 pairs of shoes. If nothing else, at least the child will be clothed! Don't worry, I'm buying all different sizes just in case he comes out weighing 13 pounds or something. Lord knows he's gonna have a huge noggin if he's anything like his daddy...
But really, I'm not completely slacking in the decor department. I do actually have the bedding. And I have ordered furniture (ok, so I have 13 weeks left, and the furniture wont be here for at least another 8, sue me). Oh, and there is a rocking chair already here (albeit still in the box). And I have paint picked out (ok, not bought, but picked out). See? I'm on a roll!
Good ole momma (or nana, or nani, or gigi, or whatever she wants to be called this week) is coming up in a couple of weeks though. Lord knows when she starts working, things WILL be accomplished!
I am posting some pics (if I can figure out how) and hopefully I'll have some more valuable stuff on here soon!