Thursday, May 16, 2013

Changes and Happenings...

 Our world has been turned a little upside down lately -- in a good way, but still, very hectic.  We moved into our new (to us) house on March 15th -- and the renovation projects haven't stopped since!  So, this little blog post here is what I like to call "catch up on the pictures before you get so far behind that you just give up".  Please excuse the 100 pictures without accompanying text.  I will eventually catch up...

 The boys have adjusted super well to the new place, and (knock on wood) never had a problem sleeping in their new rooms.  I was super nervous about that!

 Mim-Mims 29th birthday party!
 Riding on the bobcat with pap
 Hanging with Annalee
 My dude
 A little tea party action
 chillin in the mini-recliners watching movies
 Mim-Mim and pap took the guys to a rodeo while Ash and I were on a date (actually at a Luke Bryan Concert!).  How cute are they?
 Little snugglebug
 the King of Dressup
 Waiting on Pap to get to the house
 The boys are absolutely crazy about Annalee!

 He's a tiger.  In case you wondered...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Liam is 2!!!

 I can't believe he's TWO already!!  For Liam's birthday, MimMim and Pap and uncle Nathan and Kristen and Annalee came up to visit.  We had some lunch and cupcakes before the party at the bouncehouse.

 Complete with a little "cool dude hang time" on the deck.
 Who was the genius that bought RED cupcakes?  Oh, just me.  Brilliant!  Keep in mind these would also be going with me to the birthday party later... 
 Zombie Apocalypse anyone?
 Lincoln had a little lot of help opening gifts.  :)
 And of course, he loved them all!
 That afternoon, we had the "kid" party at Pump it up.  18 kids (+about 5 babies - not pictured) showed up for a little bounce time and some pizza.  Our kids are pretty lucky to have such a big group of fun friends to play with (and we're pretty lucky to have such good friends that birth them!!).
 PS -- Pump it up is a pretty awesome birthday spot.  They did ALL the work for me, down to putting out all the treat bags!
 Everyone was so grateful that I picked such a nice icing color...  What OTHER color would I have picked for a pirate party??? 

 Ellison was more than happy to give Liam a little birthday love!
 I think Liam had a pretty good birthday!!
Liam's Stats at age 2:
Wears size 2t comfortably, some 3t shirts.  Size 7.5 shoe.  Weighs 32 pounds and is 34'' tall.
Potty trained to #2 with no accidents.  #1 is still a work in progress....
Liam can count to...  I don't know, 12ish, without assist.  He can name some colors, but still wants to call everything green.  It's really funny how you lose track with kid #2, right?  He can also sing the alphabet song with only skipping a letter or two.
Liam is my adventurous eater - his favorite foods are powdered donuts, which he requests every.  single.  day. and he loves hot dogs.  He SAYS he loves chicken nuggets, but never really eats them.  Loves pizza, raisins, and blueberries.  Will also eat broccoli, sautéed mushrooms, and salad!
Very very very independent.  Won't let you help him do ANYTHING.  Says, "I do it bumuseeelf!"  He is most definitely a handful.  Still won't part with the paci, especially at night/nap.  Definitely the brave one of these two kiddos.  Not scared of much!
Loves loves loves country music.  Would rather listen to music than anything else.  Frequently asks for the "momma rock me song", "chewbac-poobac spit song (chew tobacco, chew tobacco spit -boys round here), the "siskey song (whiskey song - rain is a good thing).  Loves any kind of truck or tractor, also loves superheroes!
But forget getting him to watch ANY type of tv show or movie.  Including the drive in.  Torture for all parties involved.  Never. ever. ever stops talking.  Not just at movies, but anytime.  And you can NOT leave him unattended for more than 3 minutes.  The other day, I thought they were in the playroom, but they were awfully quiet.  I went to check on them and Liam had instead found a tube of butt paste and the two of them were painting themselves and the dining room table.
He is definitely my social butterfly, though.  He will talk to anyone about anything and loves other kids. 
These two may kill me (Liam namely), but man, are they cute!  Happy Birthday baby boy!