Saturday, October 23, 2010

One Eventful Year...

Dear Sweet Baby Lincoln,
One year ago, at this very moment, I was giving you your first bottle. Just me, you, and daddy making our first "family" memories. You were born at 2:55pm weighing 7 pounds 13 ounces. You had the most bruised little face (they told me from a very fast descent) and the combination of skin color and dark curly hair nearly confused our sweet nurse. You didn't look like you came from us!! Regardless, you were the most beautiful baby I had ever seen (and I dont think ANY babies are cute!!). It wasn't until probably six months into your life that I looked back at pictures and said, "Oh, my! His little face WAS purple!" I was that starstruck by you! You were delivered by Dr. Cave being as Dr. Foster was out of town that day. You had to come a couple weeks early due to the fact that my blood pressure was not agreeing with me! (About 30 seconds old!)
One Proud mom and dad! Just a few hours old here. First bath.

It wasn't but a few days and you were all pink (with a touch of yellow, thank you jaundice!!) and just as adorable as you could possibly be. I remember thinking while I was pregnant, "what in the world am I going to do with a baby?" I've never really been around kids, and wasn't sure I'd knew what to do with one - especially such a tiny one!! But I have to say that once you got here, it felt like you had always been here! You've been better than I could have ever asked for a baby to be. You've slept through the night since you were 3-4 weeks old, you're rarely sick (knock on wood), and even when you are a little puny, you still have that hilarious laugh that is so highly contagious! You've always eaten well (a little too well according to the Dr) and your measurements have always been perfect! You have hung in there around 75% weight and 95% height since you were two weeks old. Now that you're a little bigger, you'll eat ANYTHING we give you! Thank goodness you aren't a picky baby, cause we'd really be in trouble! And we got rid of the bottles so easily. You still have one in the morning, but I guess we'll get rid of it this week (I just couldn't bear to do it on your birthday!).

One week old here...
Three weeks old

As you grew, so did your mommy's heart. Everyone always told me that you'll never know true love till you have a child, and honestly, I thought it was just one of those things parents were "supposed" to say. You know what? It's so not... There is no way to describe the love that I have for you! Even when you are into everything, fussy, teething, whatever - I still just want to hold you and kiss you all over! You give me that little, "you can't be mad at me" grin and it works!
So I guess since your first word was "daddy" - I love you enought that I'll let it slide! Besides, we all know you are mommy's baby...

Three months old.
3 months
You are now cruising around everything and pushing anything that will move (including chairs, laundry baskets, etc). You babble your own little language, and have started to really imitate the things you hear. You can say a few words pretty clearly though!! "Mama" "Dada" "Moose" "baba" and "bawoo" (balloon) are some common ones. But you imitate any noise we make! And you LOVE to give big ole open-mouth kisses. You're pretty free with those kisses! And you wave bye-bye to everyone. Especially after they've already left. Or when they are pulling away in a car. And you always wave bye-bye to daddy when you're on your way up to bed. You are just so sweet - and I wonder what in the world I ever did without you!
6 Months old
6 months

Exactly 9 months old!
9 months
9 months
Little Mr. Lincoln, we are SSOOOOOO blessed to have you... I wonder everyday what in the world I could have done to deserve such a precious, perfect baby. I love you so much (and so does your daddy!). Happy First Birthday baby boy! 1 year old today!!

Happy Birthday Lincoln!!

BTW - guess who started walking tonight?? Happy Birthday surprise!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Bread Trail Tale...

Where, oh where, has my Little Lincoln gone?? It's never hard to find him when he wanders off! Today I HAD (please, extra emphasis on HAD) to get some sewing finished. Everything is pretty child-proofed around our house, and the gates are up to the stairs, so I thought "I'll let him play, he'll be fine." And oh, was he ever fine... Took me a good hour to put everything away that he had pulled out in a thirty minute time span! Here's a little look at the "breadtrail" he left, so I'd know where he'd been....Pulled several toys out before getting bored and moving on.... Moving on to the kitchen, that is... Where he pulled out several pots before getting bored, and...Moved to the office! Here we can find lots of moms craft things to pull out!I mean, really, who could resist the miles and miles of ribbon that are just WAITING to be unraveled?? Oh, here he is at last!! Found birthday present #1 from mom and dad!! Who needs to fill it with toys when you can just jump in?!?

New post tomorrow as it is:


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday, but not Wordless!

Hard to keep up with everything these days!! Especially this wild child! Lincoln is into EVERYTHING!! As you can tell by this picture, he is pushing everything around the house. Dining room chairs, toys, the ottoman, boxes - pretty much anything tall enough for him to push! We are expecting him to take off walking any day now, but he's obviously working on his own time. He had his first "real" sickness this week - rotovirus... Yuck... Lasted a good four days! He was a little whiney, but never really acted sick. I assumed it was molars coming in when it started!! So, mommy got to learn about the BRAT diet this week!
On another note, we are getting AWFULLY close to a BIG birthday!!! Only a couple more weeks and Lincoln will be 1!! Hard to believe... We are planning a Halloween birthday party with some of Lincoln's buddies. Obviously, I'm more excited about it than he is! But, I have to know, what in the world do you get a one year old?? I'm completely stumped...

Such a happy boy...

So, this week is Fall Festival. My personal favorite thing in Evansville. Mom was up Monday babysitting, so I conned her into going with us. Then yesterday, my brother and sis-in-law were here (they wanted to experience the festival, too!). What a great day it was for the festival. The temperature was perfect - as was the food. The big new thing this year is "turkey testicles" - and yes, they actually really are turkey testicles. We just had to try them, to say we did. I don't recommend them.... Anywho, if you happened to catch Regis and Kelly this morning, they even mentioned it!! Who knew famous people would publicly recognize Evansville for turkey testicles?? Nice... On a much better note, we have learned that Lincoln LOVES chicken and dumplings, puppy chow, and Bread pudding thanks to the festival! I'm proud to say I think he likes it as much as I do!
This boy is talking up a storm these days. He's now saying "Moo" (for Moose), "woo-woo" (for woof-woof), and when you even mention the word food or hungry, he starts smacking his lips! Yes, this child is not particular when it comes to eating. The only thing we've found so far that he's not wild about it applesauce - and he'll eat it, mind you! He just doesn't LOVE it like he does everything else.
Might I mention that we've also become a semi-professional dancer? Anytime upbeat music comes on the TV or radio, Lincoln starts jammin! I mean, he really gets down! It is hilarious! Too bad you can't really tell it in a picture!

We are still hanging in there with 8 teeth. He's learned NOT to bite - now he'll pretend to bite, but won't really bite down. He mostly just kisses now. And he really loves to kiss Moose. Speaking of Moose, he's also learned not to pinch the dog. He now pats him just like we do. And we are afraid he may be learning a little too much from Mr. Moose. His favorite new way to transport toys around is in his mouth, just like the dog does it!
And we really like to pretend to talk on the phone. As you can tell in the picture... He will pick up any phone and put it up to his ear (well, around his ear) and say "uh-uh." And in case I hadn't mentioned it before, he can comb his hair now too. According to my great-grandma, that means he's old enough for a whippin!
11 Months old today!
Well, I'm sure I'm leaving a lot of important milestones out here, but I'll catch up on the next post. We should have some new family photos coming soon too!!