Thursday, March 11, 2010

A growing boy!

So, this has been one exciting month! Seems like little man learns something new everyday! Our most recent accomplishment? The "fake cough." That's right, when we get really attention starved, our new thing is to cough. Gets somebody's attention every time!
We also had our four month checkup last week. Mrs Ashley (our NP) reported that he was "perfect" (like we didn't already know that!! :) ) He is now officially 17 pounds and 11 oz (which puts him at 84%) and 27 1/2 inches (which is 96% for height). We aren't really sure where the height comes from, but he sure is a tall drink of water... We are now officially "allowed" to give him cereal, and when he gets good at that, vegetables. We forgot to mention that we've been trying cereal for 3-4 weeks now.... We've even tried some peas and sweet potatoes! He's much more interested in playing with the spoon than he is eating.
Which brings me to our other new news!! We have a tooth! Those bottom two have been borderline for a week or so now, and Saturday, the right one finally decided it was time to bust loose! So, needless to say, we have had one SNOTTY boy lately (not to mention drooling like a loose spigot). And we have had a couple of moody days, thank you teeth, but overall nothing too bad.

Yesterday was our (ashley and I) two year anniversary! I mean it in a totally non-mean way (mostly :) ) but it sure seems longer than two years. But as a lady a work told me yesterday, we have had a very busy two years! Mom came up to watch the baby (as she does every Monday while I work) and stayed so Ash and I could go to dinner. Well, tooth #2 decided to give us some problems yesterday, and I believe by the time Dramaw left, she was well worn out! Thanks again Dramaw for all the help... I think we may have thrown a fit or two on Nana Saturday night as well... So, thank you too Nana for tolerating our tantrums!!
Speaking of Dramaw, I'm not sure if I've explained why we stuck with that name? If you've read any of our blogs from when Lincoln was first born, you'll remember that we were strongly against any names that sounded like "old grandma" names. Of course, Ashley made fun of any of the catchy names we came up with (like GiGi, and Noni) so, one day i was really brainstorming. For any of you who know my mother (God love her) you know that she can be mildly (wink-wink) dramatic..... So, I figured the only appropriate name would be Dramaw - and wouldn't you know, it stuck. Personally, I love it! And once she got over the fact that I would deem her dramatic (the nerve!!) she started to love it too! So now we have a dramaw and a nana... And that's our final answer!
I suppose that's long enough for today. So, enjoy the pics!
I mean. check out that sweet face.....Laughing at that silly Dramaw!I LOVE bathtime!Happy St. Patty's day!Yee Haw!!
Great grandma DouglasGreat grandpa DouglasGreat grandma and grandpa VincentBy the way, if you haven't heard of the Pioneer Woman, I highly recommend you look her up. She has a website, She has such a cute cute story about her life, and how she ended up the "pioneer woman" and she also has a marvelous cookbook. Though I should warn you, there's a LOT of butter in her recipes!! Definitely not low cal cooking!
These homeade cinnamon rolls will make your tongue want to slap your eyeballs!!