Thursday, April 12, 2012

Here Comes Peter Cottontail...

I started trying to rearrange these pictures where they make sense, but jeez!! It takes long enough to upload the daggone things - much less reposition - so I said forget it. Disregard the random order please...
Lincoln and his favorite gift, a "john deere shaneshaw". He asked and asked for this thing, and on Easter morning when I went to get him up, the first words out of his mouth were, "did the rabbit bring my shaneshaw?"
Liam was busy trying to figure out what the fuss was all about...
They also got a kitchen...oops, I mean a GRILLING CENTER, for outside. But the bunny accidentally left it in an easily found location prior to Easter... :( Needless to say, they've being playing with that one for a while...

Lincoln got so tired at Mim-mim's house that he laid over in her lap and passed out. Poor baby.
What a beautiful Easter this year...
We spent Saturday at mom's with Nathan, Kristen and Annalee. We played outside a lot, hunted eggs (helped Lincoln at least), had a wonderful meal, and relaxed. It was so super nice. The weather couldn't have been any better this year - and seeing as how I spent last Easter in the hospital (Liam) - this one seemed super relaxed!
Lincoln really got into the whole egg hunt ordeal this year. We actually played "egg hunt" at home a couple of times just to get ready! ;)
Next year at Easter - Lincoln, Liam AND Annalee will be hunting eggs!!
And of course we spent a lot of time just hanging outside. Liam LOVES to crawl around in the grass (and eat it) as well as digging in the dirt (and eating it).
And Lord only knows how much Lincoln loves to play outside...
And Ms. Annalee seemed to really enjoy her time outside, too!
Ninny and Papoo (as Lincoln calls them) stopped by to see the munchkins, too! We headed back LATE Saturday night, you know, so the Easter Bunny would have time to swing by. On Sunday, we actually slept in (as much as you can with Liam around), checked out our Easter bunny treats and after naps, headed to Nanny and Papoo's house. Lincoln got to hunt some eggs there, too!

We got to spend some time in the backyard playing "teapot" (teeball). Lincoln can really whack that ball! Though most of the time he'll go grab it, throw it on the ground and "golf" it.
What a wonderful Easter!! Hope everyone had a great one!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Becca's wedding and the ZOO!

My dear BFF got married on March 30th in Louisville. I was a bridesmaid, which meant I had to be there for the rehearsal also -- so we decided to make a Louisville weekend out of it! Of course, this was the only picture I managed to take of any wedding festivities. We stayed in a hotel for the first time as a family of four... In one room... With a two year old and a one year old... Who still isn't the best sleeper... Aak! It actually worked out really well, though! I slept with Lincoln and Dad slept in the bed by the pack-n-stack (as Pap calls it). We went to bed really late both nights, but we actually did get some good sleep! We ordered food in, watched a movie or two, attended lots of wedding festivities (Congrats Bec and Aaron!), and on our way out of town, stopped at the Louisville Zoo.
Please pay no mind that Liam is wearing a pajama shirt. When we left, we had been experiencing 85 degree weather every day. On Saturday, the tides began to change and Sunday was just straight chilly! I brough the boys shorts and sleeveless shirts for the zoo. Awesomesauce... I happened to have thrown an extra teeshirt in for Lincoln, but poor Liam was hosed. So, I just left his pj shirt on. It ended up being warm enough that we didn't have to worry about it. Thank goodness!
These boys (and mom and dad) really enjoyed the zoo! It was a nice breezy day, so lots of animals were out to play. We rented a "safari wagon" like we usually do at the Evansville Zoo, and off we went.
Liam LOVES to ride in these things! They have seatbelts in them, so he can't crawl out, and he didn't make a peep the whole four hours we were there!
Here's Lincoln by his absolute favorite thing at the zoo - SNAKES!! He is totally obsessed with them! If you ask him, he will tell you he has snakes in his hair, behind his ears, they are on the ceiling, under the rug, outside the door, in his mouth -- EVERYWHERE!! I'm not sure where the infatuation comes from, but it's definitely interesting.
Liam was enjoying cooling off with some of daddy's coke. I think he'd drink the whole thing if allowed.
I think daddy liked the birdcage more than anyone else. Scoffed at me for buying a cup of nectar, but look who wouldn't let loose of it once we got in there... ;
Lincoln even made a new friend while we were there. I mean, how intense does this conversation about bears look? I should have recorded some of it, it was hilarious. "They got teeth" "he hit the ball"
Look what a sweet little guy...
And what a crazy animal!!
This van was near the exit (AKA near "naptime") and Lincoln was CONVINCED that he could drive it over to see the giraffes. Oh, the breakdown that ensued as we told him that we didn't have the keys... All good things must come to an end, eh?
Seriously, we had a superfun (and super exhausting) weekend. One for the books!

11 months

Oh, the trouble it is to get a picture of this kiddo sitting still! I can't even begin to wrap my head around the fact that in less than a month, I'll be doing his ONE YEAR post! Crazy!
And I'll tell ya what, this one will keep you ON YOUR TOES.... He is into absolutely everything! He loves to knock things down - doesn't matter what it is. And he can chew through virtually anything. Those 9 little teeth are amazing!
Still the same on clothing and diapers - but we've really noticed an "upward" change in his looks. He has really slimmed up since he's getting around better. And the child is finally filling in on that hair. The back of it sure does look curly sometimes!
He eats LOTS of table food now - and obviously loves corn on the cob! He can absolutely devour an ear of corn! He also loves peanut butter sandwiches, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, yogurt, toast, waffles, and vanilla wafers. There's actually not much he won't eat. We are down to one bottle in the morning and one bottle at night, whole milk in a sippy during the day. He's a true sippy champion! I really think we could just go without bottles all together at this point, but that one really early in the morning is gonna be hard for MOMMA to part with.
Liam is sleeping better now, still occassionally gets up around 5 or so, but goes back to sleep after a little drink and sleeps till 730 ish. (PS - by drink I mean a bottle - I save the good stuff for myself!!! I kid.. I kid...)
And boy, does this child ever love peek-a-boo. Totally cracks him up! Sometimes when you tell him to hide, he covers his ears which strikes me as funny. I guess if he can't hear you, you can't see him!! :)
Lots of new sounds and word attempts this month. Uses "momma" and "dada" to actually hollar at us now. Barks at "moo" (moose), and tries to repeat LOTS of things that Lincoln says. He's gotten pretty good with ball "baw" and tries bath "ba-ba" at times, too.
And yes, he still loves to demolish everything in the house.... But look!!! He's crawling (as my sweet brother Nathan says) like a "normal kid". He and Lincoln really get a kick out of crawl-chasing each other around the house. It's super cute until Lincoln sits on him... :(
He loves to be outside (and as you'll note) can NOT keep his shoes on to save his life. When you bring him downstairs now, he immediately points out the backdoor wanting to go outside. He's definitely a pointer. And you can't walk past the kid and not pick him up. Well, you *can* but you sure are going to hear about it.
He could also be used as a blood hound if sugar ever becomes a drug. He can find any source of it, and tear through the package in 2.8 seconds flat... (PS - thats bakers chocolate that he found in the pantry)
Look how well he does on his riding toys now!
I sure do love that little sugarbug...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sesame Street LIVE!

Mim-Mim and Pap bought us tickets to see Sesame Street Live at the new SKYPAC in Bowling Green. Are they super or what? Even Pap went with us!
The boys were READY and PUMPED! I think I had their shirts made backwards though. Lincoln is for sure the cookie monster...
Me and my babies!
It took an extra arm to get Liam to hold still long enough for the picture. You can tell how much he is enjoying being held down.
Liam was super excited for all of about 8 minutes. Then he wanted to get down in the aisle and crawl around. In retrospect, I will suggest NOT taking a less-than-one year old to an hour and a half theater production. But we managed. Lots of snacks, toys, and cotton candy helped us through (dont judge me!).
Lincoln was fully engrossed in the show - he never moved from Pap's lap. I'm not sure he really knew what the heck was going on, but either way, he seemed to be enjoying it!
After the show, we had to stop at Jerry's for some hot fudge sundaes (oh, jerry's... how I miss thee). And of course we had to go out and check out the cattle trailers that pulled up while we were there. We had a super fun night -- thanks Mim-mim and Pap!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

10 months

Look what A big Pete this guy is! Liam is now 10 months old - and it's getting harder and harder to seperate the laundry at my house!
Little Mr. is still army crawling the majority of the time, but he has started *occassionally* hands and knees crawling. He's so much faster when he army crawls, I just don't think he cares to change things up now!
And he's started "walking" the furniture all around the house. "Scoot -- Scoot -- Scoot" all the time with our chairs. He tries his best to stay wherever big brother is, so whichever method will get him there is what he tries.
He is wearing size 18months, size 4 diapers, and size 4 shoe. He is eating pretty much anything you'll let him get a hold of - but he'd prefer if you didn't give him any baby food... He loves cheerios, graham crackers, toast, and anything he can steal off of Lincoln's plate. Especially Lincoln's sippy cups -- he'll do just about anything to get one of those!
He cruises around everything now, and is able to use "push toys" as long as he doesn't have his socks on (that's slippery you know!).
His loves right now are the train table (demolishing it), the toilet paper (unrolling it), the dog food (eating it), and the pantry (dismantling it). He's not destructive at all... *dripping in sarcasm*
He will now attempt to say Moose (moo) and he barks at moose a lot, as well. He also likes to get into yelling competitions with Lincoln. He usually starts them by yelling at Lincoln - and big bro gets a kick out of trying to be the loudest. He usually loses, by the way...
Liam is super social and will go to anybody. But he prefers his momma... (big grin from momma!) He gives big open mouth kisses when you ask, gives high fives when prompted, and can show you his teeth (really just sticks out his tongue).
Speaking of teeth, we are up to 8 I think.
Liam usually goes to sleep around 9, is up once during the night (yep, that's payback alright) and gets up for good at 7ish. Probably my fault that he gets up during the night, because when he wakes up hollering, I run in there. I SURE don't want him to wake Lincoln up! But normally, he takes a bottle and goes immediately back to sleep. Either way: Dear Liam, please stop waking momma up at random hours. Thanks, the sleepy momma
I love this little sugarbear!