Tuesday, December 4, 2012

20 months

 Mr. Liam...  What a mess..
 Liam is wearing 2t in all his clothing now, and is in a size 6 shoe.
We are #2 potty trained, and #1 when he's reminded - but he's not quite able to recognize it on his own before it actually happens.
He says anything and everything Lincoln says, and follows it with "too".  IE: Lincoln, "I'm going to get the cowboys out" followed by Liam "I get kabows, too!"
We aren't really counting, but he's partial to 4,5, and 6 and "counts" them often.
He also likes to sing "Jesus loves me" to baby Jesus (the glowworm he sleeps with).
He's also partial to "boo" (blue) and "geen" (green) -- therefore most everything is blue or green.
He loves to ride his stick horse "GEEUP!" and "Tase" (chase).  There is absolutely nothing he loves more right now than his "Paydough tuck!" (playdough truck).
 And the kid is a total MESS!