Thursday, August 23, 2012

16 months!

 This guy...  What a mess!
 Liam is 16 months now, and in. to. everything...  Nothing he enjoys more than demolishing, well, everything!
 Liam is wearing an18-24 months, a size 5 shoe, and a size 4 diaper.
He sleeps from 9p - 8a (FINALLY!), and takes a 2-2.5 hour nap in the evenings.
His favorite foods are doe-does (donuts), nutrigrain bars, "saks" (fruit snacks - which he always asks for in a "bow" bowl), nanas (bananas), a-aps (apples), tose (toast), mac cheese, and kee-os (cheerios).  Oh, and lest I forget "Can-ee" (candy).  Learns from the big bro I guess!
 He is 100% on the go.  Loves this bumper car!  Chases big bro around the house with it constantly.  He also loves taking all of the DVD's out of the entertainment center, throwing everything (even pacis and sippy cups) in the trash can, taking the train table apart, sweeping with his broom, and climbing on top of the table.
 Liam now tells us when he's pooping, "I poop".  I know you're loving this picture!  We had been out back swimming, and I took his swimmer off long enough to go grab another diaper, and this is what I came back to.  Lovely...
 I'm not kidding when I say this kids favorite thing to do is make a mess...
 And he is a talking MACHINE!  I think he does everything in his power to keep up with Lincoln.  And he is a social butterfly.  He waves at anyone and everyone we see, even if they aren't looking or are a half mile away from us.  And now he's started saying "how-woo" (how are you) to people when we are close enough.  "Hewo" is also quite common, especially if he sees someone on a phone.  "Whe-a-oo" (where are you) can be heard if he is looking for someone in particular.  
Other words he favors: Tactew (tractor), tootoo (choochoo), awboad (all aboard), I do! (exactly what it sounds like), me, bubba (brother), etgo (lets go), NO!, dod (dog), beepbeep, go, teeez (cheese), baw (ball), moomoo (for a cow), and lots others.
He can tell you animal sounds for dog, cat, horse, cow, monkey, lion, pig, and snake.
He can also point to and name eyes, ears, nose, teeth, hands, feet, and toes.
 Liam loves to dance.  If you say "happy feet" he does a hilarious tapdance routine.  Cracks me up!
 This kid is a riot to take in public - unless it's somewhere you need to be quiet.  He LOVES attention, and really knows how to put on a show!

I sure do love this little booger!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Liv's Wedding

During the month of July, we got to take a little trip to Mississippi for our cousin, Olivia's, wedding.  Lincoln was asked to be the ring bearer for the wedding - needless to say, I was a little nervous about that!  Lincoln is definitely friendly, but get him in a crowd where he doesn't know people, and sometimes you'll find him hiding behind my legs!  
 Thank goodness for Braeden!  Lincoln's cousin was also a ring bearer, and lucky for us, he also loves monster trucks, so they became buddies pretty quickly.  During the rehearsal, he headed right down that aisle like a champ!
 And even better news, during the wedding he did the same thing!  Now once he was up there, it was a slightly different story...  He went all the way to the front - stood quietly for a minute, then tried to start up several conversations with Braeden.  Despite all of Braeden's hushing (to which Lincoln loudly hushed him back), he continued to chat.  Then dance.  Then head towards the exit where his monster trucks were waiting!  For the most part he did really well.  He stayed at the front for quite a while, and I caught him on his way out, and convinced him to go back up and exit with the groomsmen.  He brought quite a few laughs to the congregation!

 Liam, on the other hand, proved to be his normal loud "worm in hot ashes" self, and Ashley had to leave with him before the ceremony even started.  He got to wait it out in the car!
 Afterwards, we went to the outdoor reception (where it was HOOOOT) and play.  And all was well.
 Olivia and Brad had a GORGEOUS wedding and made the very cutest couple.
 And the boys really enjoyed the day - as well as the whole trip!
 And here is our beloved Katie.  Both of these boys are absolutely crazy about her.  Lincoln ALWAYS includes her in his bedtime prayers.  So cute.
 And leave it to Nanny Link to start the dancing!
 Of course we had to have a "doe-doe" breakfast before taking out of there!
It was a really fun trip, and I so love the area.  Thank you Olivia for inviting us to be a part of your big day!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Months 13, 14, and in the process of 15... OMG...

Yep, you read that right.  I'm a terrible blogger.  Worse: I'm a terrible mother!  I never missed a month with Lincoln, and somehow I've managed to miss almost 3 with Liam.  I'm sure he'll never forgive me...  :)

Oh, my, how this little guy is growing!!  So much to document over the last two months.  Here are the current stats:
Weighs 25 pounds, 32 inches long.  Wears a size 4 diaper, and a size 5 shoe.  We now have all but teeth in with the exception of three (not counting two year molars).  Top right canine is in, but the other three are JUST starting to push through. 
Liam is now a *running* machine!  Didn't actually start REALLY walking until near 14 months, and now there's no stopping him. 
He's a big eater (no changes there) and is able to use a spoon and a fork without problems now (mind you, I didn't say without a mess!).  He really loves nutrigrain bars, grapes, cheese, powdered donuts, crackers, peas, corn on the cob, and sausages.  First thing when he wakes up (may I add that this kid ALWAYS wakes up screaming... Grumpy in the mornings, just like his momma) - he's pointing down stairs smacking his lips together. 
He's really started sleeping well, and napping well in the last couple months.  He usually goes down at 830, and sleeps till 7.  He is still taking two naps a day (most days).  He hates to be covered up, and will immediately kick the covers off.  He's also not a big fan of being rocked.  When he gets tired, he'll come up to you, wave and say "Ny-ny."  Then proceed to go give everyone a "ny-ny" kiss.
He really loves tractors (Tra-tahs!), monster trucks, and his bumper car. 
He and Lincoln have really started playing well together.  They'll chase each other around the house, play trucks together, and more than anything else, race their ride-on toys.
This is pretty much Liam's normal face.  Unless I'm carrying him. 
This one is a MOMMA'S BOY!!!  I swear I feel like the family guy commercial most days: "momma, momma, mom, mommy, mom, mother, mother, ma, mommy......"  I can't say that I hate it though...  ;)

And we have most definitely seen a language explosion with this kiddo!  He may do everything else later than Lincoln did, but he sure does talk a LOT more than Lincoln ever thought about!  I was keeping a running list of words he uses, but I've finally given up.  Here are the most populars:
Ny-ny (night, night), bye-bye, tra-tah (tractor), doe-doe (donut), mo-mo (more), Tain-too (thank you), PeetaPeeta (pizza pizza), pop-pop (popcorn), bat (bath), Out (ouch), ah-oh, aside (outside) and NO NO!
He's also pretty big into animal sounds right now.  He can do a horse (ne-e-e-e), chicken (bockbock), monkey (ee-ee), dog (bark), lion (rawr), and cat (mow).  He can also point to his belly, nose, feet, and eyes.
Liam is following two step commands (pick up your shoes and take them to daddy), and is really surprising us with the things he understands.  Funny how you forget these kind of things?
This kid can demolish a room in ten seconds flat....
He really loves to be outside.  And he LOVES to swim!  He will crack you up in the pool.  Put his puddlejumper on and in he goes.  He'll jump off the steps, blow bubbles in water, and put his face under.  He has no fear! 
We've also had our first ER run with Liam last month.  It was just a virus, but we couldn't get his fever below 105, so it was a little concerning.  He was actually at mom's when it happened.  We headed out in the middle of the night to meet halfway.  Poor guy was a little zombie...
He really loves his cousin, Annalee!
Liam is such a sweet and loving little thing (when he's not screaming!).  I can't believe he's already been here 15 months...  I sure love him...