Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Where does the time go??

(Mommy and Daddy's favorite gift!)
What a whirlwind of a month it's been! Just as soon as December gets here, it feels like it's over! I have to admit, it did feel a little more hectic than normal... I can't imagine why? ;)
This month, my baby crossed the two month mark, began smiling and cooing, got his 2 month shots (Booooo), and experienced his first Christmas! And oh, the toys that child received...
(Lincoln's new wagon!)
We all, as usual, got way more than we deserve... The fact that we have the opportunity to gather with family every year is the biggest blessing any of us could ask for. I thank God that he has given me such a beautiful healthy baby, a magnificent husband, a wonderful family, and great friends to "borrow" from Him. What a lucky girl I am...The Vincent ChristmasThe Jonas Christmas
The Douglas Family
On another note, Lincoln's 2 month check-up went very well! He is 81st percentile in weight (13 lbs, 6 oz -- fatty patty!) and 96th percentile in height (25''). The nurse practitioner (our Doc was in the delivery room having HER baby!) asked us if we had any really tall people in our family since he was on the high end of the curve. He is now sleeping through the night most nights, YAY! And he is awake a LOT through the day. He has started smiling a lot, and will even do a little "half-laugh" sometimes! What a cutie-patootie...
Hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays half as much as I did this year!!

Enjoy the pics...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Preparing for the Holidays!

Our first family Christmas photo
I know I am doing a TERRIBLE job of keeping up with this blog, and I do apologize! I am spending SO much time uploading pictures to Walgreens that I forget to post them on the blog!!
Surprisingly, I did NOT get my tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving like I normally do. As a matter of fact, I have been WAY behind on all of my decorating this year! I think since we aren't doing the normal amount of "entertaining" I have been a little less motivated. Ashley even asked the other day, "Are you not gonna put the wreaths in the windows this year?" I figure if my slacking is bad enough that he is noticing, that I better get on the ball. So, I put the wreaths in the windows and put up the other tree. I now have all garlands, ribbons, trees, wreaths and stockings in place! I really need to get more in the Christmas mood!
Speaking of that, I am starting to wonder if I am a really terrible mother... People keep asking me if I've "just gone crazy" buying Lincoln Christmas presents. I hate to admit it, but I've only bought the child two very small things, and I haven't even wrapped them! The way I see it, he has NO idea what's going on, and whatever I wrap is going to be unwrapped by ME anyway, so what's the point!?! And bless his soul, he really doesn't need so much stuff... He's only seven weeks! And I'm sure between both sets of grandparent's, he won't have any gifts.... (sarcasm)
For those of you keeping up, I thought I'd post some of the most recent pictures. He is getting big SO quick! Sleeping all the way through the night on some nights!! And he had his first REAL smile at mommy last Thursday! Before now, I think they were mostly "gas" grins, but this one was a real smile!
Enjoy the updated pics: not loving the Santa outfit so much..... taking a nap with Paps Little naked baby! Seven weeks old today (already!) After a bath Sittin in grandma's little rockin chair! Hangin with Dad Moms favorite outfit.... 6 weeks
I LOVE apples!! Me and mom are BFF!