Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lincoln's first mini-vacation!

With it getting so close to Christmas, mom and I decided we should take a little shopping trip somewhere. We used to always go on a "mom/daughter" trip - but the last few years we just havent been able to find the time. So, this year, we decided to pack up (Lincoln included!) and head to the Smokies. Lots of good outlet shopping to be had there, so off we went! Lincoln was so good on the ride up. He played and played, and when he was played out, he watched the Wiggles!
Once we got there, all he really wanted to do was hang out in our suitcases. He loves a suitcase!

That is, until he found the balcony door!

Here we are! It was snowing when we got there. Neither of us took a coat... At least we brought one for the baby!
Cade's Cove

And of course, I insisted on going to the Apple Barn. Mom hadn't been before, so I was so excited! The LONG wait, combined with a hungry/sleepy baby made for a very bad meal... We ended up taking almost all of our food to go...

I think we wore him smack out...

We decided one day to just walk the strip. Obviously Lincoln did NOT like Herbie...

Before heading into the aquarium.

Lincoln was completely amazed by all of the fish (and I think a little confused about why it was so dark).

And maybe a little scared of the rays?

Lincoln the Scuba diver!

In the fish tube. He really liked this one... And I really liked watching mom try to crawl into it!! :)

Lincoln really wanted to catch a horseshoe crab! He sure wasn't scared of these guys! By the way, did you know the males are smaller than the females therefore cling to them for safety? Interesting...

And we had no luck trying to touch a ray. They just wouldn't get close enough! I swear I think Lincoln woulda jumped in had I let him.

Watching the scuba diver feed the fish.

Pretending to be a penguin!

The things we do to this poor child...

It was a superfun trip and Lincoln was so good the whole time. He hung in there like a trooper, even through the 9 hour outlet trip! I hope we can make this an every year event!

Thanksgiving Fesitivities!

This Thanksgiving seemed to be a little more hectic than any I can remember! Not in a bad way, of course, we just had a lot going on (which means a lot to be thankful for, right?) We spent the weekend prior to Thanksgiving at my parents. (Also of note: a trip to Federal Grove!)

We celebrated not only Thanksgiving, but Aunt Kristen's Birthday! And of course, we all had WAY to much to eat. Lincoln had a big time at Thanksgiving this year! Last year, he was just a little squirmer, but this year he was everwhere!! And eating EVERYTHING...

Me, Dramaw, Linc, and Aunt Kristen

Uncle Nathan, Pap, Linc, and Daddy

Here we are working in the kitchen. As you can see, Lincoln was a big help!

Turkey Trot - the two biggest turkeys I know!!

And here is Aunt Kristen with her Birthday cake! Who needs pumpkin pie when you've got Baskin Robbins!

Lincoln was a victim of tryptophan this year. Obviously pap was too!

During the actual week of Thanksgiving, Ashley's family flew in (from Florida) and stayed from Wednesday to Sunday. It was the first time I had met a few of them, and it was really nice to have them for the holiday! And I must say, they are one funny crew! Nanny stayed at our house, and the others stayed at the inlaws. And of course, again we had WAY too much food!

Also important to mention is the fact that I left my camera at home almost EVERY time we got together! These pictures happen to be from Thanksgiving Day - the ONLY day I remembered it... And please excuse that they are out of order - blogger REALLY doesn't like me today!!The annual watching of "Christmas Vacation" - only the best movie ever!
Trying to keep Aunt Jaime awake!

And here's the whole Fam Damily!

Front: Terry, Gary, Nanny, Lincoln, Rob, and Alesia

Back: Ashley, me, Katie, Robert, Brad and Jaime

We really enjoyed having company this year! We were going non-stop, and I'm pretty sure I wore Nanny completely out - but it was fun!

Next stop: Christmas!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The first "real" haircut...

So, I have to admit that I've cheated. My great Grandma would be so disappointed... Lincoln has had a very full head of hair since birth (besides the thinning of the sides at one point, leading to a donald trump comb-over). I just couldn't make the one year mark before cutting his hair! So, like I said, I cheated a little. But I DID wait until the one year mark for a REAL haircut (the others were just trims). Thank you Mrs. Vincent for the cute haircut!! Lincoln didn't seem to mind tooo much. But we were sneaking him sweetarts in between to keep him satisfied. Don't judge me...

Look what a little man he is!

Gettin a blow dry. Hey it was a cold day!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Big Brother in Training!

I keep meaning to update and announce that Lincoln is being promoted to "big brother" status - but with all that's been going on around here, I just haven't found the right time! So here it is! Lincoln wants everyone to know that his training has begun, and he hopes to be fully ready for his new position by May the 6th. Congratulations Lincoln!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Hulk...

Our first "real" Halloween experience!! I found this Hulk costume online, and I couldn't look at it without laughing, so it just had to be. Unbelievably, he left the "hat" on! It's so nice being in this neighborhood (yeah, I know, I can't believe I just said that either) because we just threw him in the wagon and headed out. We only went to a few houses, mainly just the neighbors we know well, and then headed back to do some handing out. Mr. Hulk was so well behaved! I wasn't sure what he would think about all the other spooks, but he didn't seem to mind a bit!
He was SO excited about this sucker! Everytime I look at this picture I bust out laughing... It doesn't even look like my kid! Had to give daddy a bite!

One of our neighbors gave Lincoln a Donut Bank cookie (yum) and a Halloween book. The cookie kept him occupied for most of our trip.

Dad made a good chauffeur!

After our trick or treating, we came back to the house and sat on the front steps to hand out candy. I'll tell you what, it's not like when I lived in Edmonson County! If we had any less than 200 trick or treaters, i'd kiss a pig. It's crazy! You can't walk away from the door! I can't even begin to tell you how much candy I went through! But Lincoln loved every minute of it. He sat on the steps with us and dug through the candy basket, yelled at passersby, and ate his weight in smarties and laffy taffy. What fun!

Before Halloween rolled around, we - of course- had to carve a few pumpkins. Lincoln was more than ready to help! He carried around a spoon all night!
And though he didn't do any of the carving, he was more than happy to play in the guts. And sit in the guts. And spin around on his butt in the guts. It was too funny! I guess I shoulda been freaked out that he was getting all goopy and nasty, but he's a boy, right??

Here you can see our wonderful little helper scooping guts out of daddy's pumpkin.

My sweet baby and our finished product!

I hope we've started a pumpkin carving tradition that will carry through every year! I always LOVED carving pumpkins with my parents when I was a kid - I hope my kids love it just as much.
By the way, Ashley, if you're reading this: I WON the pumpkin carving contest... That's right...