Thursday, July 28, 2011

21 months and 3 months - all rolled into one!

I just can't seem to keep up these days!! Can't imagine why.... :)

So these two little hoodlums are really getting big! Since he's the oldest, I'll start with Lincoln:
21 months!
This child is CraZy!! Talks non-stop these days, and will repeat ANYTHING he hears! (including "oh shit")
But our favorites are:
Hush (usually directed at Liam or Moose)
Mim-mim and Pap (he also calls Nathan "Na Na" - usually calls Kristen that too!)
Na Home (not home)
Bomb-bine (combine)
Haw-Haw (yeehaw)
Eat (it is what it sounds like, he's very vocal about eating these days)
Tomp Tomp (chomp chomp)
Ocks (rocks) usually accompanied by Pash!! (Splash!) --from throwing rocks in the creek w/pap
Mine and No! ~~Oh, how often we hear these two....
"too-tie" (cookie)
Stips (steps) and Tips (chips)
Peep-peeps (pizza)
Off/on and up/down (we've really got the concept of directions down pat lately!)
Pane (plane)
And lastly, Ashley and My personal favorites: Mom-mO (which is me) and Ka-Ki (which is daddy)

We are trying (and struggling) with the concept of going on the big boy potty. It's SOOO time, but I think I'm having a harder time getting the hang of it than Lincoln! Today, we went out for a quick swim while Liam was sleeping. When Lincoln got out of the pool, I stripped him down to nothing but shoes and put him outside the pool fence to play/dry while I was picking up junk inside the fence. I noticed him squatting, picking up rocks and thought NOTHING of it. When I walked over to take him in the house, it looked like he had stepped in dog poop - got mad at the dog for pooping near the house (which I realize is dumb), then noticed Lincoln had a handfull of it. GRRR... Then I thought, wait a minute, child hasn't even been in the yard, only in the rocks - so I looked over where he was squatting and found NOT dog poop, but LINCOLN poop!! That's right, he had squatted, pooped, then picked up a "pebble" to put in his wagon... Needless to say, we went straight to the bathtub....
Lincoln is now SOOO good with Liam (95% of the time at least). He likes to talk to him, which makes Liam grin like a possum. And he likes to "Tiky Tiky" (tickle) him too! He's all into skipping and jumping lately. His food loves are chips, peep-peeps, and swiss cake rolls (thanks mim-mim).
Lincoln's bedtime is around 9, and he usually gets up around 8.
He's wearing all 2t's now, a size 7 extrawide shoe, and a size 4 diaper. He weighs right at 30 pounds.
Oh, and in case you can't tell by the picture, he now also likes to "pose" for pictures....

Onto Mr. Liam. Now this one is a ham!! As long as someone is giving him a little attention, he is all grins! He DOES NOT enjoy riding in the car like Lincoln did, though! I thought in the beginning that they were identical, but now that he's a little bigger, he doesn't really look like Lincoln anymore at all! Ashley says he looks just like his baby pictures, which he also said about Lincoln (can you sense my smirk?) - but I think he looks a LOT like my brothers baby pics.

He found his hands a couple weeks ago (7-28-11), and didn't stop staring at them for three straight days! He can now grip a toy long enough to get it in his mouth - and the cutest, he's started really belly laughing. Especially if you do airplane or pull him up by the hands.

He is wearing 6-9 month clothes now (yep, we know how to grow em!) and is finally starting to fill in in the hair department. He is a very laid back baby, like Lincoln was - and I can only hope that sticks! He sleeps from 10pm to 9am usually and takes one long nap during the day - catnaps quite a bit too. Takes 7 oz. of Infamil GentleEase every 4 hours.

I realize that at this point I am super lucky with these two!! Good sleepers, good eaters, and for the most part, very well behaved!! I love these two kiddos more than life!

Lincolns kissy face

LOOOOOOVES to be on his tummy!

Has figured out that he can reach the light switches if he drags a chair around!

Happy boy!

I know, bad pic, but I just had to put it on here because in the last post I mentioned how dirty this kid is (actually this is when he was eating dirt). Look at that face!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fun times at Mim-mim and Pap's!

We take lots of trips down to visit with Mim-mim and Pap's, and I'll tell ya - I basically have to hog-tie Lincoln in the car seat to make him leave! And for good reason...
#1: No one tells him "no" at Mim-mim and Pap's.
#2: He can have cookie's for breakfast if he wants to
#3: Can you say "24-7 attention"
#4: We're always doing something fun!

Couple weeks ago, we got to go to the milk barn and see the "moo's" - Lincoln thought that was so neat! Now everytime we pass a field of cows, he says "Boo's!!"

He was a little scared to pet them at first!

"Look at me! I look like Pap!"

Then we took a trip to the train museum - Lincoln's second favorite thing (besides tractors). I think he could have watched those trains all day long! He did at least leave with a new train book. Even Liam thought the trains were funny!


My little hobo!

We're going to "A Day out with Thomas" in a few weeks. I can't wait to see what he thinks of that!

Aunt Kiki (Kristen) and Uncle Na-Na (Nathan) got him this new bubble blower. He didn't stop blowing bubbles until we MADE him go in!

Yep, that's an old extension cord that pap is pulling the tractor with. Lincoln calls it a "tie"

Slam dunk!

A little randomness...

There is absolutely no reason for this post. It is simply here to remind me that I take WAY too many pictures. I was moving pictures into files, and my computer said (in not so many words) "you are moving 1,453 pictures to a new folder." Not a big deal, right? Until I realized, oh wait - these are only the pictures I have taken since Liam was born! Yep, that's an average of 16.14 pictures taken per day... So, here goes! Lincoln has really started to love brother. He gives him lots of kisses! Then again, he also tells him "hush" quite often... and tells me he "skinks" every once in a while. Welcome to the world of brothers I guess!

My three cute boys...

Liam thinks his big brother is SO FUNNY!

Lincoln really likes to hold Liam for pictures now. I mean look at Liam's face here... If only we know what he was thinking about this arrangement!

Reading a book to brother

I SO love this picture...

Look how tall Liam is getting! I will admit though, they don't look QUITE as much alike as they once did. That makes me think, I need to compare pics of them at the same age!

And this is actually clean! No one warns you just how messy boys like to get. Last night, no joke, I had to MAKE him quit eating dirt...

I die.... These faces... So sweet...

Did I mention that we REALLY love Toot-ties (cookies)?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July - Part Two!!

On Fourth of July night, we had our good friends Matt, Jackie and Ellison over to watch neighborhood fireworks. We had a pretty laid back night swimming, ordering pizza, and setting off/watching fireworks.

Lincoln has turned into a waterbug!! Even jumped off the diving board!Yep, that's my husband diving through that TINY float...Ellison loves to swim too!The kids enjoyed the sparklers!

Matt catching the parachute!

Watching the show

What a perfect holiday weekend!

4th of July - Part One!

Fourth of July was sure to be interesting this year with two babies!! Lincoln was NOT crazy about fireworks last year, so I wondered how this year would be.

For a few nights before the 4th, we set off a few small fireworks just to get him used to them a little. He wasn't too crazy about them, but he wasn't really scared of them either. He sure loved the sparklers!

How cute are their matching outfits (Thanks Sassy Closet)?

Mom and dad started hosting a little 4th of July get-together with the Holder side of the family a few years back. It's about the only time of the year that I get to see that side of my family, so I really enjoy it!

I think Kristen's little baby bump is too cute...

Papaw Vincent in the floor playing cars with Lincoln.
Mamaw Vincent cuddling with Liam.

Cheesin with Mim-mim!Bags anyone?

Aunt Cherman

Lincoln and cousin Kason playing trucks in the floor

Mamaw Douglas came down to see the fireworks too!

You can tell Lincoln is getting tired when he sits down!

Lincoln was already tired by the time the fireworks started, so we tried to let him watch from mim=mims car, but the whining got the best of us....

Uncle Nathan put on the show this year - and did an AWESOME job!

Lincoln had a blast playing in the cooler. Just about froze his little hands off!

Winding down with some late night icecream!!

Uncle Nate teaching Lincoln how funny your voice sounds in a fan!

We had a blast this year for the 4th!! Lincoln was still a little leary of the fireworks, but I think mostly because he was SO tired by the time they were shot off! Liam couldn't have cared less about any of it. Thanks Mim-mim and Pap for the fun celebration!