Wednesday, January 4, 2012

8 months

Updates on Liam's 8th month of life! Although it looks like he's trying to strangle him in the picture, Liam is actually really growing on Lincoln. ;) He wants to be wherever Lincoln is, and tries to get his attention by grunting at him. He laughs as soon as big brother gets near.

Liam is really turning into big Pete. Still 12-18 month clothing, still size 4 diaper. He did manage to sprout through two new teeth (upper right dec 25, upper left jan 1) this month! The two upper lateral incisors are trying their best to come through, too! It's a good thing, cause this child will eat anything - teeth or no teeth! If you want him to eat babyfood, you better not have anything else in sight - he will yell and yell till he gets the good stuff! He really loves pretzel sticks, cheerios, toast (ate a piece and a half for breakfast the other morning!), yogurt, and lil crunchies. He hardly ever takes a whole bottle anymore because he eats so much other stuff. Mim-mim says he's a bottomless pit. I've been giving him his formula in a sippy cup with his food lately just to get him used to it, and he actually caught on really quick! Our main problem is slowing down long enough to get some air back into the cup!! :)
He will give you a high (or rather low) five now when you ask, and he'll give you a big ole openmouth kiss too. He's a lot more of a cuddler than Lincoln ever was. Sometimes when you pick him up, he'll just squeeze and squeeze you! So sweet!

He has figured out that his tongue does some pretty funny stuff and is forever sticking it out and rolling it around (see above) - I have the funniest video if I could only figure out how to make it smaller!

Liam loves, LOVES bathtime. He splashes like a madman and chases toys around the tub like crazy.

And I'll tell you what, I shouldn't even say it, but this child is so easy to get to sleep! Lay him in his crib, turn on his lullaby puppy, and he is out. I guess I should see it as a blessing in disguise, because if I had to get two Lincoln-like (who is SOOOOOO time consuming at bedtime) children to sleep, I might pull my hair out! He is currently going to bed at 830, and getting up around 7. He takes two naps a day, a long one in the morning, a short one in the afternoon.

We aren't technically crawling yet (I don't know, do you count army crawling as real crawling?), but he doesn't really have any trouble getting to wherever he wants to go. And he is trying his best to pull up to stuff, but we're just a tad short of the strength he needs. If you stand him up against something, he's pretty good to go though. He really likes to be standing up. And lately he REALLY likes to be jumping (see below)!! Currently one of his favorite toys. I swear it sounds like he is going to break that thing into a million pieces he jumps so hard!

We did just experience our first little illness. According to the Dr, Liam had a mild case of croup. He woke up with a barky cough, we (read: mom, as I was at work) got him into the Dr. and she gave him a steroid to take. He didn't seem to feel too bad, but that cough... oh, that cough... I guess we caught it pretty early, though, thank goodness! And, random thought, she weighed him while he was there and he is 23 lbs... What a chunk!

He's awfully friendly, and I bet if you see us out, he'll be the first one to grin at you!

Eight months of joy with this one!! Love him!

Monday, January 2, 2012

A Kentucky Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!!
Look how this family is growing! Two new babies since last year's Christmas picture!

As usual, we headed down to Kentucky for all of our "pre"Christmas celebrations. Christmas Eve is superbusy for us in Kentucky, so we try to go down at least a day ahead so we aren't in a dead run the WHOLE time! :)

My BFF (aka Becca) was in with her Fiance' (Hi Aaron!) and stopped over to see the boys - and so we could exchange gifts. I swear, we could go a year without seeing each other's face and it would be like we didn't miss a beat when we finally do!

We went down on Christmas Eve Eve this year so we would actually have a little time to "hang out" before the madness began. The boys love being at MimMim and Pap's house, and why shouldn't they?!
Buzzing like a bee - hence the funny face!
Once the madness did begin, our first stop was Christmas Eve Breakfast at Mammaw and Pappaw Vincent's. This is always our first stop on Christmas Eve. A big breakfast is made and we all stuff our faces to death, then go to the living room to open presents (or take a nap in Pappaw and Pap's cases).

Dad always gets volunteered to make the eggs... I don't know what he does to them, but they are SO good!

Mom took care of Annalee while everyone was cooking - I mean SOMEONE had to volunteer, right? ;)

We never ever remember to take pictures together... I don't remember how this came about?

That little Annalee slept through everybit of the excitement!

This family is growing by leaps and bounds! Three new babies since last Christmas!

After Christmas Eve breakfast at Mammaw and Pappaw Vincent's house, we headed back to mom and dad's for snacks and opening gifts. We kinda crammed all three Christmas' into one day this year - which worked fine - just a little more hectic than usual!

Lincoln spotted a dinosaur in his stocking before we could even get started. As you can see, he was a *little* scared of said dinosaur's teeth!

Of course the first thing he opened was a horse! Once he figured out how to hold onto it, he ran it around the living room until we had to make him stop and open more stuff!

Liam, still going strong at this point, had tons of fun in the floor playing with paper and ribbon. He even helped open a few toys! He really loved his little john deere set, and the blanket (see pic) that Aunt Kissen made for him.

And Lincoln's favorite was the digger! Lord knows the child loves construction equipment.

But, then again, when he saw Liam's new car (which he now refers to as the "toon car" thanks to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) he was pretty much all about it too! Look at Liam's little face - can you tell he was about to give out?

"Take it outside, I need dirt for it!"

Final stop for the day was Mammaw and Pappaw Douglas' house. This is always our final stop, and we were actually late this time! That's what we get for trying to cram all three into one day!

That's a lot of people to fit into that living room! We sure do have a crowd!

We always have a big dinner, then do presents last. Chase was SOOO ready to open presents this year! The whole time people were eating, he was going person to person asking, "when we're done with food, we get to open presents, right?"

We finally got a picture of all the grandbabies!! Liam, Tyson, Lincoln, Chase, Kaitlyn, and Annalee!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas with the Jonas'

Christmas afternoon, we headed over to Ash's parent's house for our Jonas Christmas celebration. Nanny was in for Christmas this year (yay!) and Lesia, Rob, Robert, Olivia, and Katie came later in the afternoon too.

Lincoln really racked up this year! A firetruck AND his own personal bouncehouse! And Liam just couldn't hang. He fell asleep by 7:00 on Lesia! Don't worry, he was back up to party later.

We overfilled ourselves with food, then opened gifts. We decided that this year, everyone should open at the same time... Terry and I both decided that was a bad idea and we wouldn't do that again! Nobody got to watch anybody! Crazy!!

Nanny had to show off her skills with Ashley's new gun. She looks awfully natural with a handgun, doesn't she?

It was so nice having the cousins in this year! Lincoln (while he loves ALL his cousins) is really in love with Katie. While we were Christmas shopping this year, he spent the whole time shopping for Katie... He'd pick up a dumptruck and say, "Katie like dis?" It was so cute. I'm sure it drives poor Katie crazy because he won't leave her alone, but she's a good sport!

Merry Christmas to all!