Thursday, October 20, 2011

Catching up....

I guess I will refrain from explaining how busy October was for us, or how I almost erased my whole blog-life trying to catch back up. You're welcome...
Now that I've got the blog thing all straightened out, I'm gonna fill in the October gap. Here's what we did!

My friend Julie came to Evansville for a visit this month! She's originally from here, and we met it college, but we kinda traded locations once we got married! She moved close to my family, and I moved close to hers! Weird, but strangely convenient!

Her baby is Henry, and he is exactly a month older than Liam (yes, I am aware that Liam looks like he could eat Henry for lunch, thank you). In between trying to catch up, and trying to keep Lincoln from sitting ON the babies, I managed to catch this shot. I think they're all pretty cute boys!

I also took on a 1/2 bath remodel this month. Thanks to youtube, I learned how to remove a pedestal sink, remove a toilet, reinstall a sink/vanity, put a new wax ring on the toilet (I mean, who knew that even existed?) and reinstall the toilet! Ash was very helpful in RE-installing everything once I got it all ripped out. I think he was scared for his safety at that point... Either way, Lincoln helped us install the vanity. Shoo, he loves tools. Mainly the sharp ones... Yikes.

And Liam is just chill. That's all I have to say about that baby. He just does not care. He goes and does whatever without complaint. He gets sat on, chewed on, toys get pelted at him, toys get stolen from him, and so on - and he just does. not. care... I fear the day that he is big enough to retaliate...

These cool days have been just perfect for a fishing trip or two! Lincoln LOVES to "catch big fish"! And Lord knows Liam would LOVE to participate. He just sits and stares longingly at the water. Sits pretty good for 5 months, though!

Halloween is coming! We've been working on picking out the perfect pumpkins (who am I kidding, I pretty much want every one I see!). We'll just have to see how the pumpkin decorating goes...

We went to a new pumpkin patch this month in Henderson. Cates Farm. It is SUPER cute! There are all kinds of great kid things. A big playset made out of haybales, a cornbox (like a sandbox but shelled corn!), mini tractors to ride, a duck race, and of course a big pumpkin patch!

We also made a trip to Kentucky Down Under with Mim-mim. I hadn't been there in AGES! May have been a little above Lincoln's level, but I sure had fun! He did really love watching the sheepdog work, though...

We have a big birthday to post about soon! Keep an eye out!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jackson's Orchard 2011

If you know me at all, you know Jackson's Orchard is one of my favorite spots in the world! I never (NEVER) miss going at least once in the fall. This year was super important because there is ANOTHER baby in my world to photograph in the pumpkins!! I mean, are there any cuter pics than kids with pumpkins? ;)
So, here are Lincoln and Liam hanging out in the pumpkin box! I must say, I've been warned how hard it is to get pics of two little boys (thanks Nadina!!) but I really had NO idea... I think it is humanly impossible to catch both of them looking. Even with bribes... But I tried!

Liam is just happy to be hanging out - he doesn't even care where!!

I promise this child is not as mad as he looks. He was really watching the dogs run around and got this super serious look - I just couldn't pass up a pic at this face!

Aah, relief... Finally getting to pet that dog he's been mesmerized by!

Picking out his own pumpkin.

I had to literally hold this kid down and tickle him for a picture! I mean, look behind us at all the fun stuff... He already had a sneak peak at it, and was READY TO GO!!

There are these big wooden tractors and trucks across the property - and we all know how much Lincoln LOVES tractors and trucks!

And I'm pretty sure he would've taken home the animals from the petting zoo if he could've.

He really loved these horses (or mini-horses I guess)...

Running through the hay.

This was right before Lincoln showered Liam with hay.

Lovin on Mim-mim!

Gosh - look at Liam standing up all by himself! You'd never know mim-mim was holding him up, would ya? ;)

My sweet boys both LOVE apples (or appy's according to Lincoln)! PS - If you haven't tried honeycrisp, DO IT! Lincoln seriously asks for an apple every day... And it looks like Liam is well on his way to doing the same thing!

We really love this place!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

23 months - 5 months

Please excuse the not-so-awesome picture quality. I was upstairs, camera was downstairs, and I was just tooooo busy with these two to run down and get it (read: lazy).

Anyways, we are growing like weeds around the Morris house! Here's what's going on this month.

Lincoln (in this lovely pic - which btw I plan on blackmailing him with when he's about 17) is absolutely non-stop. I thought he was non-stop before.... Oh no... THIS is non-stop. As you'll notice, there are significantly fewer pics of this kid. That would be because he doesn't stop moving long enough to take one...

He is comfortably in 2t's now, wearing a 7.5 or 8 shoe (must be WIDE!!). I'm not sure what he weighs, but he is definitely looking tall and lanky lately. Don't worry, Liam is making up for that. He has a new obsession with chicken nuggets (or as he calls them chicken nuggins). He is also REALLY loving apples (app-ys), they must be peeled but like "a ball." M&M's are a big hit around our house and are almost as common of a bribe as suckers are.

He is so-so-so funny right now. Here are some funnies from lately:

*Ladybuggies (lady bugs)

*Come here honey! (when his little farmer lady is yelling at his little farmer man) - which also makes me think of "lady fitsin (fixin) supper" and "guy plow a field" Yep - he is definitely a boy!!
*"go GIT him"

*counting: two, foa, five, six, second, eight, nine, ten!

*Continues to be pretty hung up on "all aboard" and "two tickens!"

*MUCH better at going to bed at night (we had about two weeks that WEREN'T easy). Now he says "night-night, hug, oonmo kiss (one more kiss)"

*Loves, loves, loves to watch the Ipad. Knows how to turn on Youtube and find the tractor and choo-choo videos. Loves the "tractor tom" videos, but prefers them in German (I know, weird).

*Hard to explain without seeing it, but now when he wants you to say yes to something, he'll ask then tilt his head, wrinkle his nose, and nod "yes". I guess hoping you'll do the same!

*One of his most common phrases, (after hearing something funny usually) "oh, shoot"..... could be worse I guess!

*with it being so close to Halloween, there are lots of decorated places with monsters. Lincoln likes to refer to them as "crazy guys"

*I may have posted this last month, I can't remember, but he can say his name "Wincoln" and his brother's "Wiam" very clearly now.

* When we're getting ready for bed, he will put his hands together and say "desus" (Jesus) to say his prayers (

*Can identify big and itty-bitty, up and down, asleep and awake, as well as a few other opposites

I think we MAY be actually making some headway in the pottytraining department now. He is still hiding to poop, but he has successfully pee-peed on the potty three times in the last two days! Baby steps people... Baby steps...

I'm assuming we haven't made it to the terrible two's yet - although we do tend to have a little trouble listening sometimes. When I have to take a stern voice with him, he USUALLY stops what he's doing and says (very quietly) "kay, kay (ok, ok)"

Funny story, we were at a baptizing the other day, and after they stopped singing - Lincoln decided he wanted to hear more. So in the still small quiet, he started yelling "SING SING SING!!!" Awesome...

Tonight I had to take him in the bathroom at a restaurant and pop his leg a little. When we came out, he told mim-mim, "get whoopin." Now when he gets scolded he usually hugs us and says, "sowwy" which really breaks your heart....

A friend recently posted on one of Liam's pictures (on facebook) "when did liam turn into the sta-puff marshmallow baby?" And that should sum up this child right now... :)

He is such a chunker it is not even funny!! Not sure, but i'd guess him right at 20 pounds - and I'm pretty sure 14 of it is in his thighs! He is loving him some baby food now. Especially cereal, peaches and green beans. He also LOVES to suck on a piece of apple or share a (mashed) banana with Lincoln. He is now in 12 month clothing, wearing a size 3 shoe, and a size 3 diaper during the day, 4 at night. He can roll from belly to back (9/16/11), but has yet to master back to belly.

He can now successfully sit up for a minute or two at a time (9/27/11), as long as he doesn't need to reach for anything at an angle!!

He is still taking 3 (sometimes 4!) 8 oz bottles a day as well as his cereal and usually a veggie or fruit. He did have some Los Bravos rice the other day which he loved (who wouldn't!!).

This baby laughs and coos constantly!! He SO loves attention, and he doesn't care who it's from - though he does tend to be REALLY amused by kids. He pretty much lets Lincoln man-handle him, but I can already see that he is ALMOST big enough to give it back a little. He rarely cries or fusses, but man when he is mad, he is MAD!

He will go to absolutely anyone, and is seriously a super easy baby. I think God knew I couldn't handle it otherwise!!! ;)

Lincoln likes to help give Liam a bath...

We do have our rough/whiney/crying/tempertantrum throwing days (sometimes the boys have them too!!), but I do know how good I've got it with these two! They are such sweet babies, and I thank God for them daily. Who knew these little boogers could have made me so happy??

Going on a ride to the pond! We have to "tho rocks" occassionally!

Some of my favorite guys playing tractors.

So pooped!

"Ride a Muw"

"Rake hay!"

And the wrestling begins....

In the otter tube at the zoo


See, Liam is working on his method of revenge: hairpulling!!