Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Too cute not to share....

Muscle Men!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Yearly Jackson's Visit!

Once upon a time, someone told me that getting a good picture of two brothers smiling at the camera would be impossible.  Thank you, Nadina, for the warning.  You were 100% correct!
These two really loved the orchard this year - both of them were actually big enough to run around and enjoy playing!  Of course I had to bribe them to get a few pics...

MimMim went with us to help, as she always does.  For some reason, getting pictures taken is always much easier with MimMim there doing the "siwy dance" as Lincoln calls it.

Notice Lincoln's tongue!

 Liam wanted to kiss the goats SO BAD!
 My babies...
Ate plenty of apples, picked out pumpkins, had apple cider - and of course chased the cats and dogs around.  The only "uh-oh" this year was when Lincoln unhooked the water fountain...  Sorry Mr. Jackson!  All in all another successful Jackson's trip!

Monday, October 1, 2012

17 months

"Hey, I'm Liam.  I'm 17 months old.  I'm getting pretty tall, and mom says I'm not as chunky as I was a month or so ago.  I'm in 18-24 sized stuff.  I wear a 6 shoe.  I like to be on the go.  Seriously.  Like 24-7.  And I really like to yell.  Preferably for "Mammy" until she answers... Or until it's been three seconds - cause by then I totally need to yell it again."
 "That's my brother.  See him quietly crafting at the table?  I just don't get it.  What's the fun in markers and crayons if you can't eat them?  He's weird like that.  But I really like to hang with him.  Or take whatever he's playing with.  Or try to sit in his lap while he's watching Octonauts."
 "See, I can craft, too!  Truthfully, I tried to eat these things also, but they were too fuzzy."
 "I'll drink my milk and juice or whatever, but you should know that if you come into MY house with a 'coke' it's gonna get got.  Or donuts.  I really like those, too.  But whatever it is you bring me, you better darn well put it in a bowl.  Seriously."
 "If mom would just leave me naked, she'd have a lot less trouble.  Why doesn't she get that?  I mean, does she not get - from my wild screams - that I DO NOT like to have my diaper changed?  I've started telling her when I have to poop, but I totally fake her out by grunting and pooting when she sits me on the pot.  Ha!  She thinks I'm really doing something!  You kiddin me?  I'm totally waiting till that clean diaper gets on for the real deal."

 "Did I mention I like hats?  I do."
 "And mom always says I make a mess.  I don't get it?  I think you should really 'experience' your food.  Yeah, a fork and spoon is cool, I can use those, but what fun is that?
The crazy woman doesn't always get my one word commands, so I've started using two-three words together.  Maybe she'll get it now.  I really like to make animal sounds - I totally know a bunch of em.  My mom always laughs when I bark and then say 'hush dog' - she's easily amused."
 "Now how did she make that stuff come out of this thing?  Ah, forget it.  I'll move on to the hot thing.  Are those cookies in there?"

 "There's my crazy brother again - he quotes this movie a lot.  Ya know what that means?  Means I got to try and do it too.  I can totally dance just as good as he can now, by the way.  And the hotdog song?  I can SO sing it better than him."

 "I'm pretty awesome.  People tell me that a lot.  They also say I'm a handful, but I hear that's a pretty cool way to be, too."