Thursday, May 24, 2012

Play time - warning picture overload

Please excuse me as I TRY to catch up on blogging...  Thought I would post some pictures of some of our summer fun so far - so I don't get toooooo far behind!
 We have a membership to the Evansville Zoo, and boy, is it ever worth the money.  On days that we just have to get out of the house (moms of boys - ya feel me?), we take off to the zoo.  It's 10 minutes up the road and the boys love it.  The above picture pretty much portrays my life about now...  (He wasn't trying to choke him really, just trying to get him to look at the camera)
 There is a big indoor section of the zoo, called Amazonia, that is a "rainforest" exhibit.  So many times during the day, they have rainshowers.  Children love it, mothers/iphones/cameras hate it...  Lincoln especially loves jumping through the mudpuddles!
 Oh, and our favorite part!!  The fountains!  When it's hot out, I just plan on bringing a change of clothes for the guys.  I guess you can see why.  It's a hoot watching them.  Side note:  Funny Gross story:  The other day, we were playing and there was one other little boy in the fountains with us.  His mom was standing by me, and for some reason (?) kids peeing in the fountain got brought up.  So I was all, "yeah, I'm sure it's happened" and here is what followed... 
Gross mom:  "it's as good a place as any I guess!  Hey Evan (gross kid), do you need to peepee?  If you do, you can just go here!" So, I'm waiting for her to say JUST KIDDING when I see said Evan start to pull his pants down.  Oh, it gets better, gross mom says, "no, don't pull your pants down, just pee in them, it's okay!"  Yeah.  I don't even know how to react to this.  Then she says...wait for it..."Just sit on this fountain and pee honey!"  Needless to say, I removed my children immediately and alcohol gel'd them thoroughly when we got to the car...

 On our latest trip to mim-mim and pap's house, they had caught/kept a box turtle for Lincoln to check out (cause, you know, us city folk, we don't see turtles -- *rolls eyes at mother*).  But seriously, it was super cute.  Lincoln named him Pickle Pickle (which, by the way, is what he names everything lately).                                            I kid, MimMim, I kid...  ;)
 Liam loves, loves, loves to ride in the mule.  I think he may be even more of an outdoor fan than Lincoln!
 I mean, how cute is this?
 MimMim also managed to catch a frog while we were playing outside.  Clearly Lincoln wanted to hold it...  Or not...  Liam, on the other hand, wondered if it was edible.
 MimMim and Pap are pretty awesome, folks.
 They got the sprinkler out for these yahoos, and they had a blast!  I think Pap and Daddy had fun, too!

Wore this little stinker out, that's for sure!!

Two and a half!

 And what about this guy?  He's two and a half!  What a hoot!!
 Into everything... 
Here he is with the turtle MimMim and Pap caught for him.  He named him "pickle pickle".

 He can now say his "A,B,C's" with ease and can count to 14.  He can also recognize and name a circle, square, triangle, star, and heart.  He loves to dance, sing, "pose", and most of all, hit a ball.  Doesn't matter with what.  Baseball, basketball, golf, as long as it has a ball - he loves it.  He's awesome with colors now and can pretty much name all of the "normal" ones. 
Still a big fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but also loves the Octonauts, Little "wise guys" (little einsteins), and lately Phineas and Ferb.  He also really likes books.  Particularly Cat in the Hat, Three Little Pigs, any book about tractors or trucks, and he has a set of mini mickey mouse books that he has to be read daily.
He really loves the pad (Ipad).  He always wants to watch "Uncle Peco" (an old Tom and Jerry that Uncle Nathan introduced him to), and he likes to sing Eric Church's song "fingsteen" (Springsteen) and Gotye's "Somebody Kristen knows" (somebody I used to know).
He's gotten pretty good at saying Please and Thank you now.  We've even gotten the comment, "what good manners!" a time or two lately.
 He is #1 at drama.  When he is upset, he can really put on a show.  Drops his head and shoulders, puts on a big frown and droops off.  When you tell him to do something that he doesn't want to do, he takes no pause before telling you, "I will NOT!"  He is a rough houser like no other, and I have to keep a VERY watchful eye on him with Liam.  He still really enjoys trying to smash him by laying on top of him.  He has also learned to kick and punch... :(  Whippins aren't all that uncommon at our house these days...  Not that it's funny (but it kinda is), when he pushes/hits Liam and Liam starts crying, he puts his hand over Liam's mouth and says, "ssshh, sshhh, it's okay (looks at me), He's ok mom."
He has become a very very picky and sparse eater.  What he loves: chicken nuggets, pizza, cheese, fruit snacks (for every meal preferably), popcorn, vanilla wafers, and most of all jelly beans and skittles.  And suckers...  But if you want him to have a WHOLE meal, you can take him to a mexican joint anyday and you're pretty much guaranteed to get him to eat chips and salsa and a taco.
He's in bed by 9-930 and sleeps till 730 or 8.  He still takes a 2.5-3 hour nap during the day (please, Lord, let him keep napping!)
 He's in a 3T everything, and wears an 8.5 shoe.  We are successfully potty trained -- YAY!!!  Even at night!  We wear big boy underwear all the time now, and he tells us when he needs to go. 
Fun Lincoln quotes: 
When MimMim told him it was time for a nap: "Don't worry about dat, I'm Wincoln and I never EVER take naps!"
Passed a tractor on the road, wanted me to see it, yells, "Beep it up, mom!" (back up the car)
Picks up a bra from my bedroom and says, "Mom, look at dis boobytrap!"
We were fishing by the pond and found a dead turtle.  He says, "Mom, it stinks!  It poops a lot..."
While eating lunch, he gets down, and I tell him to get back to the table and eat.  He says, "Nah.  I gotta go to da gwoshwee (grocery).  Don't worry bout me, Im in da toon car (red toy car)."  He buzzes off for a minute, comes back and says, "i'm back, (pretending to hand me something) - would you like two corns and a biscuit?"
While shopping in Target, says, "I can have WHATEVER I want!" (Think he's been shopping with MimMim?)
When he's pooping, he tells me to get out, "I'm pooping!"  Then he grunts and says, "It's coming, a big one!"

He's such a good kid (76% of the time) and I can pretty much take him anywhere and not worry about how he's going to act.  I never have to put him in a stroller, which is awesome since that double stroller is a real jerk...  And (despite the earlier reports) he actually minds really well. 
These two boys are absolutely my world...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

12 month update

12 Month Update:

This guy...  He is a CHARACTER!!!  Momma's boy for sure!!  Here's an update of what he's up to at 12 months...
He weighs 24.5 (68%) pounds and is inches long (74%).  He is wearing 18-24 month clothing and a size 4 diaper.  We are up to a 4.5 - 5 shoe.
This child will eat ANYTHING - and that he does...  It also helps that he has 10 teeth!  He particulary loves waffles/pancakes, bananas (even though I try to hide them from him because he STAYS constipated), lil crunchies, toast, apples (he likes to chew them into mush, then spit them out), yogurt, and peas.  Not so much a meat lover yet...  We managed to get rid of bottles the week prior to his birthday without a hitch. 
He is crawling at the speed of light, but you better believe he is not even going to TRY to walk!  He won't even attempt it if you aren't holding BOTH hands!  But, he does push around anything that will move.
He's trying to repeat a lot more these days.  But we're still mainly good at:  momma, dada, moo, hi, buh-bye, and BALL...  Oh, yes, anything that is vaguely round is a BALL these days...  He continues to with lots of pointing and grunting, as well as making a very nasal sound instead of talking.  Funny: he also snarls his nose up and sniffs at you to make you laugh.  And, may I add, this child can SCREAM.  I swear, some days I would give my eye teeth for some earplugs.
Liam is super social and will go to pretty much anybody (as long as you don't walk too far away from momma).  He grins and waves at pretty much anybody we pass.  And he LOVES other toddlers. 
This guy sleeps like a champ.  He's in bed between 830-9 and sleeps until 730.  He also takes a three hour nap in the evening (around 2).  He needs all this sleep to maintain the energy that is burnt protecting himself from his cRAzY big brother!  If this kid ain't the toughest one in this house...
Oh, Liam.  You little monkey...  You're definitely my high maintenance child, but I guess I'll keep ya!  :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Liam's Birthday: Take 2

Since my side of the family is out of town, we had a second birthday party with family the week after his REAL birthday.  Barbecue dinner (courtesy of MimMim and Pap) and cake with the fam:

 Liam had a big time smashing into his monster cupcake.  I think MimMim was super grateful for hardwood floors - what a MESS!
 Liam wasn't as much into opening the gifts as he was eating the ribbons.  Lincoln, on the other hand, made quick work of unwrapping every gift!
 Yay for birthdays!
 Then SOMEONE decided to claim a couple of the gifts as their own...  This pic was obviously taken mid-bumpercar wreck...
 Once Liam claimed it back, it was game on!  Figured out how to drive that bad boy in no time!  BeepBeep!
 This is currently Liam's favorite thing: a BALL!!!  He says "ba ba ba" more than any other word.  Aunt Lora was a good sport for participating in the "I'm going to pretend to throw it to you, then run away" game.
 Birthday boy and big bro with Ninny and Papoo Douglas
 And then with Mammaw and Pappaw Vincent
 If you look closely, you can see the fear in Liam's eyes here.  He knows what happens when brother tries to "share" a toy.  One of these days, when he's big enough to defend himself, it's gonna get ugly!
WHOA -- Look at this coin collection!  Daddy is going to claim this one as his own for sure!
 Cherman and Jerry taking Liam for a spin
MoMo reading Liam his new Thomas the Train book

Another fun birthday party in the books!  Thanks MimMim and Pap!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I finally figured out how to upload pics to the new blogger profile!! Yay!!

Anywhos, Liam's first birthday was April 22nd, and we celebrated with a Very Hungry Caterpillar Breakfast bash at the Evansville Children's Museum (CMOE) on the 21st. We had lots of friends in attendance, and it was a blast!
We had lots of buckets of breakfast treats and, what else, but breakfast flavored cake balls! Thanks Michelle's Icing on the Cake!
We had a hard time keeping the kiddos wrangled into the party room for long enough to eat and smash a cake!
Liam loved the cake balls, and actually enjoyed smashing them more than the cake!
Kara and Kolten Brackett
Rachelle and Ashton Thorpe
Linds, Cali, and Piper Powers
Jackie and Emmerson McCormick
Not so excited to be wearing the hat, but we managed to distract him long enough to get ONE pic with it on!
Once he figured out how good the icing was, he had a big time! Silly mommy forgot a change of clothes, so needless to say, we went through a LOT of wipeys!
Here is our desperate attempt to get MOST of the kiddos in a picture. All in all we had 19 kids under the age of 5 to join us!
We had a blast shooting balls across the room...
climbing in the rain room....
Splashing around like crazy in the water deck...

But I think the funniest was the room with the stage... These kids are SHOWOFFS!! They danced and twirled and jumped all over the place!
My friend Julie (and her Henry) were in town and got to join us, too! Henry is exactly a month older than Liam. I'm sure they'll be great friends!!
We barely had time to open a few gifts when we got home before I had TWO crashed babies!

I'm positive Liam had an absolute blast! Thanks to everyone who made it out -- we sure have some awesome friends!
One year update blog post to follow....