Friday, July 5, 2013

Fourth of July at the Lake

 Spent a fun weekend at the lakehouse for a combination of Fourth of July and Nathan's 30th.
 Took a cruise on the pontoon -- and goodNESS do the kids love it!

 Did a little fishin off the dock -- Lincoln could do that ALL day long!  And Liam would totally be happy hooking people all day long.  :)
 Took a dip or two in the water, and it sure did feel good!

 Check out these two hams!!  We also went tubing, but for some reason I can't find those pictures??  Maybe they're on mom's camera??  Mom??  Crickets???

 This was all we could manage of a group shot.  That Annalee is a MOVER!  There will be no standing still for a shot when there's so much other fun stuff to do! Ha!
 And I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture....  I keep meaning to edit it/crop it, and keep forgetting -- but doesn't it look like one of those patriotic billboard photos?  Presh.

 Thanks MimMim and Pap for letting us crash your pad!