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FALL Fab 5 Friday!!

I know it's only my opinion, but if you don't agree with this one, there is something wrong with you! :) FALL IS THE BEST!!!!! September 1st rolled around, and what did this girl do? Kicked it into fall mode of course!! Just don't tell my husband... When he saw my tubs of fall decor, I think I noticed a small tear forming... You see, he just loves the summer, and the thought of it leaving just about broke him down... Anywhos, I thought I would dedicate this FAB 5 FRIDAY to my favorite things about FALL!!!
1. So, when it comes to festivals, fairs, carnivals and the such, I have to admit I'm a sucker. I love them. And don't ask me why. Something about being outside with a bunch of other people just hanging out really gets me... When I moved to Evansville, I was introduced to the street fair of all street fairs. And my dear husband still hates himself for taking me that first time. It has led to numerous trips to Franklin Street to fight a huge smelly crowd, just to get a deep fried snickers or some kraut balls. That's right kids -- ITS ALMOST FALL FESTIVAL TIME!!! My Evansville friends know (not that they understand it, but they know) that during that week, they shouldn't ask me to do anything NOT fall festival related. And any of my friends that aren't from here (or aren't familiar with fall festival) - well, I could cry for you. It is fabulous. Seriously fabulous. My first year, I made it down eleven times. My second year, 9. Last year wasn't quite as successful for me as I was the size of a small battleship. But I had to go a couple of times - I just couldn't imagine not exposing Lincoln to such wonderful things while in the womb... By the way, the new 2010 munchie map was just released. Thank you!
2. Onto other wonderful things.... You do not know me whatsoever if you aren't aware that my favorite place in the world is Jackson's Orchard. Always has been, always will be. Something about walking through the orchard when all the trees are weighed down with apples, and picking one straight off the branch is so marvelous! Not to mention the apple cider slushies, caramel apples, and apple pies! And taking that tractor back to the pumpkin patch to pick your own pumpkin... I can't wait to get Lincoln in the middle of that patch for pictures this year! No kidding I love everything about that place - including that old cat that sleeps in the box by the register (and I don't even like cats!). Jackson's Orchard officially opens for the fall season this weekend, by the way.

3. Dressing up and Decorating! Yes, I do still like to dress up. And I like to dress up the dog. The dog doesn't like dressing up so much, but boy do I get a kick out of it! Even more fun, this year I get to dress up Lincoln!! I am currently on a costume hunt, but I just can't decide!
Plus, there are no prettier decorations than fall decorations. All of the oranges, reds, and browns.... Just beautiful. Lincoln helped me pull some decorations out of tubs the other day, but he wasn't interested in the fall stuff as much as the Halloween stuff!!

4. Coffee!! I love coffee anytime, but it's definately the best in the fall. Cool mornings when you can take a throw out on the patio, cover up and drink coffee - you can't beat it! I like lots of different kinds of coffee (as long as I have sugar free vanilla creamer and splenda) and Lord knows I love Starbucks (can you say "hello pumpkin spice latte") - but I have found a couple kinds that really take the cake. One, which I just recently found, is the Target brand "Archer Farms" coffee. If you like flavored coffee, you're gonna love this one. And for $6 a bag, you can't go wrong. I suggest the cinnamon vanilla nut... Scrumptious.But if you're not to much into flavored coffees, I highly recommend Gevalia brand coffee. You have to order it through the mail, and it's not quite as cheap as Target, but Oh My... It is to be loved.... I mostly steal it from my mom.... Thanks mom!
5. Last, but definately not least, it really goes without saying that the best part of fall is the weather. You can open your windows and let that cool fall breeze just air out the house. Mine are open as we speak (or type?). I love being able to look outside and see the leaves turning their beautiful colors. Love smelling pumpkin bread in the oven. Love hearing the "crunch, crunch" of leaves when taking a stroll. Oh, there's just so much I love about fall that this post could, quite literally, go on for days... I just hope Lincoln loves it as much as I do, cause I have a feeling we'll be out in this lovely fall weather A LOT!
Our first "cool" day taking a stroll. It was actually a little cooler than I thought! We had to go back and put some pants on this munchkin!
Happy Fall Y'all!!