Saturday, September 29, 2012

Huber with Friends

 Near the end of September, we decided to take a little road trip with some friends to Huber farms.  I've always heard really great things about this place, so I was excited!  The boys were excited because it meant play time with buddies!  Carter and Lincoln really hang tough together.  Carter (God love him) likes to wrestle, dance, and anything else crazy -- which is pretty perfect for Lincoln since he is the SAME WAY!
 And Liam really loves Kennedi and Tayler -- maybe because they both make over him...  :)
 Ashton and Liam did a lot of riding side by side today.  They are the two that are the most difficult to contain, bless their little hearts, so strollers it is.  Ashton is so sweet with babies - he even shared the sacred "bear" with Liam today!
 And here's the whole crew.  Yes, there were two of us controlling these 6 (Actually, Tayler is a huge help!  She's like free babysitting!).  Yikes.
Really, they were super good, and we had a great time!  Started the day out with a big family style meal in the restaurant there.  If you go, you should def eat there! Yum!  Then we played in the big "yard" area for a while before a wagon ride to the pumpkin patch and apple orchard.  Finished the day off with some ice cream and, what else, candy.
 These guys were really breaking it down for us in the parking lot!
 I hope these two are buds forever...  Makes my heart smile!
Ya'll take a trip to Huber if you get a chance!  Lincoln recommends it!