Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sweet summertime!

Yay!! Finally time for swimsuits and cookouts! I wondered what Lincoln would think about the pool, so we started him out in a kiddie pool. Oh my goodness, did he love that thing! I think he woulda stayed in there all day!

So yesterday, I got him in the real pool. I put his lifejacket on just incase, but it was all in his face, so after a few minutes, I took it off. He was in Heaven! He was kicking and splashing like crazy! I guess the pool is a hit with this kiddo... This weekend will be our first trip to the lake, we'll see how he takes to that water...

Mom took this picture for us since I (like a dummy) forgot a Mother's Day pic. Could you not just eat him up?
Uncle Nathan really got Lincoln going by singing the "Pants on the Ground" song. I know, that's really weird... Funny thing is, it's Lincoln's favorite song. Ashley sings it to him a lot, and it just cracks him up (btw-if you work with Ash, you should get him to sing his version.... It is quite entertaining...)

Lincoln also really put on a show for Great Gran and Pap Douglas...

Ridin on Paps shoulders

Every Wednesday night is our "Girl's night" (well, not so much just "girls" anymore, now it's more like "girls night with two 7 month old boys, and a 1 year old baby girl" but thats just too long, so we'll keep it "girls night") Anywhos, poor Lincoln and Ashton just have to tolerate our gossip and girly banter. See, Lincoln is clinging to Ashton in this picture almost as to say - "Hey buddy, come on, let's break outta here!" I'm sure Lincoln will be glad to accompany dad to "Golf night" as opposed to "Girls night" when he's old enough...

Obviously this was a couple weeks ago, I just couldn't help posting because he looks SO FREAKIN BIG in this picture! I don't think he's a very chubby baby, but he sure is LONG!
At our 6 mo. visit, Lincoln was 73% weight (20 #) and 91% height (28 1/2 inches).
And we are now working on tooth #5... I can't believe it! He's like a miniature shark compared to my friend's kids!
Also, when you read someone's blog, you open yourself up to "to much information" syndrome. So, since you asked for it, I have to tell an interesting story. Yesterday morning, Lincoln pooped on the potty. That's right folks. I sat him on his potty and the grunting ensued. Yes, it was hilarious. Yes, I had to wake Ashley up to show him. Yes, I took pictures (Lincoln asked me to save those for our private album). And YES, I am certifiably nuts... But it sure is fun!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Of all days to forget to take a picture......

Thank you Leisa! You did a great job! I Love my new swing!My first bath in the sink!

In case you aren't aware, I am the girl that shows up to EVERYTHING with my camera (I usually keep at least three with me). So why, of all times, would I forget two of the three cameras, and forget to use the one that I had with me on my FIRST mothers day??? Yep, that's right.... No pictures of me with my child... Oh, sure, I have a few pictures of me, Ashley and Lincoln (not on my own camera, mind you, which would be why they aren't posted here) and I have pictures (again, not my own) of me, my mom and Lincoln.... But me and Lincoln? Noooo.... So aggravating! Anywhos.... We've had all kinds of fun things happening around here though! We now have 3 teeth, with #4 TRYING to push through. We have also learned how to bang on everything! Our new favorite toy is a plastic serving spoon... That child now babbles so much - I think we are sure in for it when real words start coming! And he rolls all over the place! He's started sleeping on his side, which is so very cute. And when he wakes up in the morning, he'll roll over to his belly and play with the ties from the bumpers. (I know, you HAVE to be a mom to realize how cute that is).

We have passed the 6 month mark. We have our check up today. Can't wait to see height and weight this time!

Lincoln and some of his buddies!
And of course, Moose...

Gotta keep this one short, I've gotta get ready while Lincoln is taking a nap or we'll never make it to the doctor on time!
Eatin a cookie with paps (not really!)A left over Easter pic! Lincoln's first trip to Patti's, he loves pork chops!
and pickles...