Thursday, January 27, 2011

15 months!

Oh, where to start?? Seems like this kiddo is doing something funny every day! I can't believe how big he's getting!

So what's new? Here's what Lincoln is doing at 15 months:

He is able to point to/show you his feet, hands, nose, eyes, tongue, hair, and belly. He also loves to show off his muscles, and does so frequently! He can help brush his hair (or yours if you ask!), help put on/take off socks, put on hats, and brush his teeth. And he really likes to help put on lotion. He wants (read: demands) you to give him some lotion, after which he rubs his hands together, then rubs his belly!

He has started picking up a few words, but still prefers the point and grunt method or signing. He can sign "please" "more" "all done" and occasionally "thank you." He's now saying (consistently) "momma" "dada" "moo" (moose) "bath" (actually more like "bap") and the occasional other word mimicking us.

He loves to give kisses - and now loves eskimo kisses (rubbing noses). He'll also give hugs, high fives, and whippings! He can wink (with both eyes) and has mastered blowing kisses, too!

He is running EVERYWHERE and climbing on EVERYTHING. Mom caught him climbing up the outside ledge on our staircase the other day - which is just GREAT... How do you childproof a ledge??
We are now comfortably in 18-24 month clothes (and can even wear some 2t's with and wearing a size 5 diaper. We are needing a 5.5 or size 6 shoe. And Lord, help us when it comes to hats... I won't even admit how many are in this kids closet - but I will tell you that he has his daddy's noggin. I have to buy the hats made for a 2-4 year old!

His very favorite new thing is "hide and seek." If you can't see his eyes, he is virtually invisible (in the picture, he is hiding behind the phone...). He'll often lay flat on the ground, face down, in an attempt to hide from you! Or put his face down into the couch, then pop up and scare you (you know, cause you couldn't see him hiding in the couch!).

Peek - a - Boo!!

And please excuse the fact that we need another haircut. After the last one, I am literally scared to give it another go...

Anything that he can push or pull is instantly his best friend. These things include: golf clubs, a broom, any toy with a string, blankets, boxes, dog toys, clothes baskets, and my personal favorite - the kitchen rugs. Oh, and let's not forget his love for a fly-swat... Yeah, nasty, I know.

He loves to GO. Anywhere. If you say, "do you want to go upstairs?" He makes the craziest mad dash for the stairs that you have ever seen. Same with outside. Tonight, I asked if he wanted to go to Rachelle and Ashton's house - nodding very expressively "yes" he headed for the garage door. I was obviously not moving fast enough, so he went and got my shoes (granted, they were house shoes) and ran them back over to me, like "hurry up and get your shoes on, we gotta go!"

(hiding in a box)

We've also started going to the "Ready Baby" class at the Library this month. Two friends meet us there with their baby boys (who are both within 6 weeks of Lincoln and each other!) and we sing and dance like crazy! Actually, we spend most of the time laughing at the boys!

And man, oh man, does this child LOVE to be naked... I swear if you'd let him, he'd run around the house naked all day and be happy as a clam...

We still love green beans, marshmallows, meat sticks, Cheerios, and mandarin oranges. However, we've added two new LOVES to the list - chicken noodle-o's and apple jacks! Apple Jacks definately tops the list right now. It's what he wants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Oh, and snacktime...

Lincoln is now feeding himself at most meals, when it's something do-able. He eats his own cereal in the mornings (yes, a good amount ends up in his lap) but he's actually doing really well with a spoon! He's had the fork down for a little bit, but the spoon is much harder. He really wants to do it himself though. If you even reach for the utensil to help him, he jerks it back away from you and gives you the "don't touch my spoon" look. He has definitely developed a BIG personality!

He's such a loving, BUSY, sweet boy - and I am thankful EVERY day for the gift of being his mother!! Hard to believe there'll be another one here in three months!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

I know this is the worst picture ever of me - but look how sweet that little face is! Giving his baby brother love!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snow Day!

Ok, so technically, when you are a SAH mom, you can't really consider them "snow days" but for the sake of the day - I'm gonna! We keep ourselves so busy around here that to take a whole day just to play in the snow and around the house is sort of like a "snow day" for us - so we'll take whatever excuse we can get. We started off the day with a sausage, egg, and toast breakfast - and I'll tell you what, this little boy can PUT AWAY some sausage! The eggs and toast he would rather pass on, but after cutting up 4 sausage links, I'd say he was full enough... And of course we had to call Dramaw to tell her that we were gonna play in the snow!
We got all geared up in our camo overalls (thanks Pap!) and our John Deere boots. And we couldn't get to the door fast enough! Funny thing was that the boots aren't as "flexible" as most shoes, and little Mr. had quite a tough time adjusting to the new feel!

Lincoln took off running towards the snowy yard like a mad man! He was so excited!

But with the combination of the boots and the thick snow, it only took a minute before we went face-first into it... Which was not funny... At least not to Lincoln...

But a quick sled ride across the yard seemed to cure that!

It was awfully cold though, and I sure didn't want him to get sick - so we didn't tarry too long. And I think Lincoln was ready to go in anyways!

But only after we shook the snow off in the garage!

Once inside, we made (or I guess I made??) hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. Needless to say, he was more than happy to take a comfy seat in front of the cartoons to munch on a cookie! And of course, what are cookies without a side of Cheerios? Does anyone else feel like the snacktrappers really AREN'T all they're cracked up to be? Take a close look around Lincolns chair... Yep, after vacuuming twice, I finally decided to just wait until all the O's were gone!
After daddy got home, we had to make a batch of snow cream. And might I add it was the BEST snow for snow cream! What a fun day!

Dramaw's 29th Birthday!

Recently, we took the weekend to surprise Dramaw for her 29th Birthday. Yeah, I know, she's awful young for a Dramaw, but...
Lincoln and I headed down Friday night to surprise her with a visit. Ash met us Saturday and, along with Nathan and Kristen, took mom and dad to Sulphur Well for dinner. (Might I add, if you haven't been there - PLEASE go!) We ended up hanging out all day Sunday, too! Then Monday, me being the nice daughter I am, I gave mom the day off from driving to Evansville to babysit. Aren't I nice?? :) But really... Kristen and I (and Lincoln) took mom to lunch in BG and shopping. We considered pedicures, but then remembered the one year old that was tagging along. Somehow pedicures are less enjoyable when you have to keep pulling your feet out of the water to chase a munchkin!! I think mom had more fun with him than she did with us!

Chillin with Pap, watchin some basketball.

Do you think this child may be spoiled?

Typical Pap here. He is the bunny ears KING...

Time to blow out the candles!

Hey, what happened to all the light??

"Helping" Dramaw open presents.

Aunt Kristen and Uncle Nate

A big ole birthday kiss for Dramaw!

Found Pap's flashlight - and was SO amused!

Kid sure does LOVE to be naked!
Happy Birthday Dramaw!! Hope it was a good one!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

14 Months!

Oh, how fast time flies! I cannot believe this little baby is 14 months old! When I uploaded these pictures, I nearly cried at how big he looks! So here's what we are doing at 14 months: He sleeps around 11 hours at night. Usually to bed at 9 and up at 8. We are down to one nap a day (most days - unless the first one is short for some reason) around 1:00. He usually naps for 2-3 hours at that time.

He eats EVERYTHING! If you're eating, you better believe he's gonna be too. Still loves green beans. Loves pretzels, marshmallows, mandarin oranges and breakfast sausage the most! And the kid drinks milk like it's going out of style! But if he sees a juice box, forget the milk...
We also started using a spoon this month! He can actually get about 50% of the cereal to his mouth without dropping it! He's been a pro with a fork for a while, but the spoon is still a work in progress.
He says momma, dada, moo (moose), ti-ta (kitty cat), and other words rather sporadically. He will repeat what you say sometimes, but usually not when you want him to! He's also figured out how to make this noise that I'm not sure how to describe... Like he's rolling his tongue over and over... "Lalalalalalalala." We hear that A LOT... And he points and grunts A LOT...

He really likes to show you his muscles now! He can also tell you how old he is. When you ask, he raises one little finger to show you that he's one! He also uses that finger for "one more time." When you are doing something that he really likes, as soon as you stop, he raises up that finger saying, "one more time!"

GGRRRRR!!! Big muscles!!
He also really likes to wink at people now. Which is really funny because he blinks with both eyes!
And pulling all the toilet paper off the roll is our new favorite activity... He can point to his nose, eyes, hair, tongue, teeth, hands and feet. He can also help me put on his socks and shoes, as well as raising his legs when we're putting on pants. He can also put his arms in his shirts when dressing. The other night before bed, I was singing "Rudolph" to him. When I said "red nosed reindeer" he grunted and pointed to my nose. So cute...
He LOVES a bath! If we're downstairs and I say "are you ready for a bath?" He starts laughing and running for the stairs! He likes to stir in the water when it's running and put the bubbles in his hair (pretending to be washing it).
We now have 16 teeth (probably did on the last post too, I just can't remember!) which I think means we only lack the 4 two-year molars.
He loves to be in the kitchen. He has a couple cabinets that he is allowed to play in, and believe you me, he will pull everything out of them! He especially likes my whisk, the icecream scoop, the grater, and the tongs.

He signs more, please, and occassionally thank you (though we're still working on that one). He also shakes his head yes and no pretty accurately. He can also point "up" when you ask.

How big does he look in this picture?? I said "say cheese" and this is the face I got... Jeez I love this kid...