Friday, November 30, 2012

November '12

 This post is super short on words, but long on pics...  This is my meager attempt to catch up...

 A little time on the "pad"

 Lincoln decorating "his" tree

 Giddyup Pap!
 Helping decorate MimMim's tree
 MimMim and her Thanksgiving helpers

 Poor Annalee -- She's gonna be tough!

 Watching some Christmas shows with Ninny
 Ninny Link and Braxton

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fall 12 - Hittin the High Notes

Seems I just can't keep up these days.  Here's an overview of some fun we had this fall!

We spent a day (or 4) at Mayse Farm this year.  Lincoln really loves to go look at the tractors, even though he REFUSES to ride on the haywagon.  Either way, there are lots of activities for the both of them there, and we always leave with a big ole' bag of honeycrisp apples.  He especially loves the gourd slingshot!  He aims for Captain Hook (out in the field) every time.
 And Liam likes to bounce around the "horse" track!

 And this is what you get when you say, "Lincoln, hold onto your brother so I can get a picture."

We also spent several days at the park.  Newburgh's park (or "Fortress of Fun") is so nice for the both of them.
 We always take our trucks with us incase we need to get in the sandpit.  Or better yet, in the little kid section, there's lots of pea gravel.  Perfect for our diggers!

We also took a day and headed over to "Lil Rexing's Pony Express".  A friend told me about this place and it is super cute.  They do "Pony Parties" for kids, but they also welcome you to come to their farm and check out their animals.  There are ponies (obviously), horses, goats, pigs, turkeys, and CATS!!  God love these little kittens, they really got wooled the day we visited.  We met our friends, the Ungethiems, there and Jack REALLY wanted to take a kitten home.  Can't believe Tammy didn't go for it - she's a sucker for animals!
 Liam also loved the kittens, but after being scared senseless by the baby pigs squealing, I think he would've welcomed any quiet animal.  Poor guy.  Totally lost it over the pigs...

We've also got to spend quite a bit of time with Ms. Annalee.  Liam is so crazy about her.  He wants to be touching/holding/feeding her all the time!
 She IS pretty irresistible...

These two are CLOWNS!
 This was actually MY costume for Halloween (a border patrol agent, and yes, my husband was a mexican), but Lincoln could not keep his hands off it!  I think he was pretty crazy about all the gadgets that came with it.
 Aren't they just a couple of haints?

 Playing on the haybales at MimMim and Paps house.

 There's always lots of exploring to be done at Mammaw Cassidy's place.

We also made several fall/halloween crafts.  Lincoln is a big fan of paint and/or glue.  Preferably at the same time.  Yikes...
 Ooh, and fun fall milestone - Liam has started going #2 on the potty!!  Yay Liam!
We've had lots of fun this fall!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

18 months

A year and a half already!  
 Liam is awesome.  Really.  He is his daddy.  You should think about this when you have children.  "Do I really want two of this person to take care of?"  I kid.  I kid...  Seriously, other than the fact that his voice is, like, 20 decibels above that of a normal child, he is awesome.  He is absolutely hilarious, and must do EVERY THING that his brother does.  That being said, potty training at 18 months is a definite plus!
 Liam is a total momma's boy.  The two things I hear most in life right now are, "Mommy, mommy, mommy" and "holdjyou".  I must say, the "holdjyou" thing is pretty stinkin cute.
 He is absolutely non-stop.
 Stats:  Liam is wearing a 24 month, or 2t in his clothes.  He's in a size 6 shoe.
He wears a size 4 diaper, but has been consistently requesting to go #2 for a couple of weeks now.  Hopefully, this is a good sign and he's not just trying to get me excited!
He LOOOOOVES "dough doughs" (doughnuts) and it is simply all he is going to eat for breakfast.  You may as well not even offer anything else.  He also likes apples, peas, mashed potatoes, and emems (mandm's).
He is running and climbing everything.  Always wants you to Tase! (chase).  But if you get to close, he'd rather you just hold him and run.  Constantly wants to be "a-side" (outside).
He can point to and/or name eyes, ears, nose, head, hands, feet, neck, chin, tongue, teeth, feet, etc.  His speech is just crazy right now, and he's putting together 4 word phrases like a boss.  Another fun side effect of having an older brother.
He can tell you his name, as well as his brothers.  AND tell you whats "mine" and what's "ee-ins" (Lincolns)
Loves to dance and sing, as well as "read" books to you.  He's awesome with a spoon and a fork.  And the kid LOVES some "Paydough".
But the child sure is a drama queen...
 And he is a total disaster...  Yep, that's peanut butter.
 and yup, that's poop...
 But he is the best cuddler, loves to snuggle, loves his blanket, and loves to rub "nonez" (noses).
So, I guess it evens out...  :)