Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Day out with Thomas!

A couple weeks ago, mom and I took the boys to Cincinnati to go to "A Day out with Thomas." Trains are Lincoln's obsession right now, so I thought he'd really love this! And Liam, well, he loves whatever, so we were good to go! This is when we first got to the railway - Lincoln spotted a "boose" (caboose), so he and mim-mim had to "choo-choo" at it.

This event was really too cute! They had lots of little "stations" set up with train tables, thomas tattoos, Sir Topham Hat, train movies, magicians, etc. Of course Lincoln was in heaven in the train table tent!

Then, we got to ride on a LIFE SIZE Thomas the Train! When that thing puffed up the tracks, you may as well have forgotten about getting Lincolns attention! He took his eyes off it for long enough to take the above picture, and that is it...

This guy was walking around juggling and Lincoln thought he was really cool.

And of course he loved meeting "Sir Top Hat" as he calls him. (Ps - is it just me, or is that costume just a little creepy?)

We had to have a picture by the diesels as well as the steamies! (If you live at our house, you know all about the competition of who is the best)

This was taken with my Iphone (God love that phone) on the train ride. Can you tell Lincoln is excited? Maybe Mim-mim was a little too excited too?

After the train ride, we meandered around to check out all the other fun stuff.

That evening, we crossed the bridge into Newport and went to the Aquarium. We took Lincoln to an aquarium around this time last year and he loved it. Yet again - aquarium was a success!!

This is his shark face. He was watching the scuba divers feed them with mim-mim.

I think the measurements are a little off (thanks to my photography skills) - but he is nearly 3 feet tall now!

And though this scale says 34 lbs, I think it may be a little over too. We weigh in on the bathroom scale at 30. Petting the sharks. You can tell Lincoln is very content to just watch on this one!

Outside the aquarium is a nice courtyard area (with a candy shop and a coldstone!!). The weather was supernice - so we grabbed some ice cream and sat out there with the boys for a bit. Lincoln was OBSESSED with catching a bird - and I must say it was quite hilarious to watch him chase these little sparrows all over the place!

Liam was just happy to be out of the stroller for a while!!

How sweet are these boys? I could just eat them up...

Thank goodness for autotimers!

Reading a train book with mim-mim.

You know these two are pooped when they pass out on the same bed! We had a blast! Worn out? Yes. But so fun! Hopefully this video will work. Since we've been back, about all Lincoln says is "all aboard" and "need two tickens" (I need two tickets). So sweet...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

This year, we decided to spend Labor Day at the lake. Ash and I had wanted to make it to the lake all summer and stuff just kept coming up, so when we realized we had to Labor Day plans - Lake time!! You must know, this stressed my mother out. Would she dare admit it? No, thank you. But I know better. I will now go into the reasons for stress as my mother would process them... #1: Where will the babies sleep??? Oh, no! I must go buy a new toddler bed and pack-n-play!! (Sidenote: she actually DID go buy a new toddler bed.... )
#2: The stairs! The stairs!! How will we avoid broken legs??? I must go buy gates! (Sidenote: two gates were purchased in the planning of this trip).
#3: How will we survive? What shall we eat!?!?! (Sidenote: approximately $400 of groceries were purchased for the three day weekend)
#4: Water! Danger!! We mustn't take the small children near the water!! (Sidenote: a baby pool was placed in the shade of the bottom porch as to avoid lake water and sunburns)

Mom, I know you're reading this... And you know I'm right!! :)

Either way, we had an awesome weekend. The weather was nice (other than the little spell of rain) - and the boys had a fun lake weekend!

I think Lincoln channeled Matthew McConaughey for a bit as he hung out naked on the porch pretending to play the "drums"

And both babies did manage to make it down to the actual lake. Liam just soaked up the sun for a bit while Lincoln did some fishing.

He actually caught a few fish!! Not to mention almost catching dad's ear (he really liked swinging that pole around). I don't think he really knew what to do with them once he caught them, but he seemed to be enjoying it either way!

This was his first catch!

And here he is with another one of his whoppers!

Nathan and Kristen came up for a fish fry Friday night. Kristen is, like 26 weeks or so now (??) and is really looking cute! Don't know if I mentioned it or not, but a name is decided - and the boys will now have a cousin Annalee! Either way, look at Liam... He is bushed...

And look how big my boys are getting. Check em out, both sitting on the patio together. And please pretend you don't see me... It was REALLY early - those are pajamas - that's a ponytail - and an absence of makeup. If I knew how to crop myself out I would've... So pretend I'm cropped. Thank you.

Nothin better than a nutty buddy on the porch!

"Catch" and "March" seemed to be the themes this weekend. You had to be doing one of the two at all times. Obviously here it's catch.

When I asked him to say "cheese" - he hid in the window. You can't even see him, can you??

Liam with his first taste of puffs. Not so sure he likes them...

This was one of Lincoln's favorites this weekend... Fruit salad!

We had a great weekend at the Vincent cabin! I hope we didn't stress Mim-Mim out toooo much!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our New Favorite thing!


We've gone with Becca and Sha-She (Rachelle), and Ashton so far and are LOVING it!!

Climbs all the slides by himself even!