Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No- so-wordless Wednesday!

We aren't exactly wordless tonight, but it's gonna be a short one - I just can't stay up much longer!!

And, of course, somehow I posted my pictures in reverse order... Don't mind me... I'll just blog in reverse order this time! So Lincoln has been spending lots of time with his buddies lately. Ashton and Lincoln (bless their hearts) are stuck together whether they want to be or not. Every Wednesday night... Keira has to come also, but she's a girl, so she fits into girls night. These two boys, well, I'm sure they can't wait to join the guys for "golf night."

And I'm sure I'll catch a lot of crap for this jersey from my "hoosier" friends, but I can't help it, it is just TOOO cute! "Aunt" Rebecca came to visit last weekend, so Ashley allowed us to put the UK jersey on... ;)

We had our first piece of time away from the baby last week as well. I volunteered to cover for a girl at work, so I let mom take the baby home with her for three whole nights! It was SUPER weird to come home from work to an empty house. We DID get to have a "date night" though. And I guess it helped prepare me for our vacation next month (where we'll be gone for a whole 6 days!). To be quite honest, I think it just made me worry more about it! I can't believe how much I missed him! Good thing I have the most trustworthy babysitter in the world... ;)
I do miss those girls (and guys) from work though! Just not enough to go back yet....

Oh, look at that... Ashton and Lincoln hanging out again... Imagine! This actually wasn't a girls night. This was July 4th weekend at Sallie's house. Either way, these two are becoming big buddies!

Here you can see how much Lincoln liked the fireworks. He was fine until a loud one went off, then he had HAD ENOUGH!! Good ole Pap took him in the building for a break. This year, we went to mom and dad's for a little cookout with dad's side of the family. We hardly ever see them, so it's great to be able to sit around and catch up. Below is my cousin Melissa with her little girl, Charlee. Charlee and Lincoln are only two weeks apart, but Lincoln could eat her for breakfast!

And here you'll see one of Lincoln's favorite things to do, wave... Actually, we aren't sure what he's doing. He just sticks his arm straight up in the air. So, we pretend it's a wave!

I decided that since I've been making stuff for everyone else, I might oughta make something for Lincoln. So, I made this 4th of July shirt (okay, I bought the actual blue tshirt, I just appliqued the fireworks and embroidered his name). There you go Lesley!
We also went to a cookout at our friend's house, thank you Sallie and James. On the 4th, we spent the day by the pool with a few friends, then went to the river for fireworks with Matt and Jackie. I'm glad we sat in a parking lot farther away, made it a little less loud and Lincoln actually tolerated it!

As for milestones, Lincoln is "scrawling." By that, I mean that he is not actually "crawling" but more of a scoot/crawl. He gets where he wants to go, but it ain't too pretty yet! He also just cut his 8th tooth! Yep, 8 teeth by 8 months. Just like his momma. He's also doing a lot of talking lately - lots of "bababa" and even a "dadada" here and there.

Shaking his head "no-no" is a pretty common occurrence now too. That's just proof that we DO tell him no-no!!

He's also started pulling up to furniture and pulling up on you if you sit near him. I was cleaning today and I looked around the couch and there he was, just standing holding onto the ottoman! When you go in to get him out of the crib in the morning he pulls himself up on the bumpers and looks over the top of the crib when he hears you.

We have had to officially get rid of the carseat carrier (which we probably should've done last week, but I am a PROCRASTINATOR!). We now have a big boy seat...
Lincoln has gotten very good at giving kisses (and has been for a while), and now he will start to give you a bite of his cracker and pull it away from you real quick.. He's a hoot! He's eating pretty much anything he can get to. We had pizza this week, snickerdoodle cookies, and spanish rice.

Alright - I think I'm turning into one of those rambling mothers now... Sorry readers!