Sunday, February 26, 2012

9 month update!

At the end of Liam's 9th month, and I am having a really hard time processing that he's this big! I've probably said it before, but time seems to be going so much faster than it did with big bro. Here's an update of happenings with Liam this month... Liam is 23 pounds (72%) and 29 inches (68%). He is wearing 18 month clothing, a size 4 diaper, and a 4/5 shoe. He is going to bed at 830, and getting up around 7 (although lately we've been trying to wake up around 4 to eat.... grrrr) It's hard to let him cry very long at night because I'm afraid he'll wake Lincoln up! So instead, sometimes he ends up with a bottle REALLY early... Oh, well. He is taking a full 8 oz bottle in the morning and at night, however, rarely finishes his two 8 ouncers during the day. He would MUCH rather have real food. He loves toast, chicken and veggie soup, weenies (gerber), yogurt snacks, and any cereal. He has become a champ at using a straw and loves chocolate milk, and he has also become a pro at using a sippy cup and loves apple juice. And mommy loves apple juice because it helps keep him *regular*....

More teeth managed to pop through this month. The top two lateral incisors, as well as one of the bottom laterals are now here, bringing us up to a total of 7 teeth! Bring on the ribeye!

This kid is for sure going to be my drama king... He can throw a fit like none other, and if you make him mad, you may as well forget consoling him. He's just gonna cry till he's done! I mean look at that face, all cause I didn't pick him up in time! He is also quite the momma's boy. And I'm not complainin a bit... :)

He wants to be wherever Lincoln is and will basically chase him all over the house. Sometimes big bro is cool with it, and sometimes he wants to be left alone. I can foresee this trend lasting a LOOOOOOONG time...

Liam started "crawling" right at his 9 mo birthday, and although his belly never leaves the ground, he gets wherever he wants to go. He has also started pulling up to everything! Particularly loves the train table, and loves to disassemble it... Which Lincoln HATES... I have tried and tried to post a video of this kiddo crawling, but blogger just doesn't want me to post it obviously? I'm trying again, so fingers crossed.

He has also started pulling up... to EVERYTHING... Train table, stairs, couch, and lots of things that aren't sturdy enough to pull up on (leading to more than one bruise!). He hasn't really started cruising yet, but anyday now.

He and Lincoln also get in "arguments" now. This is hilarious and I have yet to catch it on video. Lincoln will yell, "hush" at Liam and Liam will reply with a loud mock. They'll go back and forth forever - Liam thinks it's so funny! He is also trying to get "moose" out. We've gotten "moo" a time or two so far! Mom called me the other day to tell me that he had made a beeline for a matchbox car that Lincoln had been playing with, picked it up and said "bbbrrrrr" like Lincoln does.

Look what a sweet little face. Liam is my cuddlin, momma lovin, dramatic, inchworm. And I love him to pieces!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Where do these things come from?

A mini Lincoln update: "cooking" in the kitchen floor
This child has been a real riot lately. Some of the stuff that comes outta that kid's mouth - I mean, really? Where did all this spunk come from all of a sudden?

tickling Liam

Here are some good "Lincoln-ism" as of late:

I was getting onto him for making a mess the other day, and in the middle of my rant, he says, "Mommy - hush! Be quidet! Wiam is sweeping!!" (Pretty sure I know where he's heard that one before)

While he was making a mess in mim-mims closet, I walked in to make him get out. He says, "mommy - stop! Evweething thats in this woom.....Stays in this woom" (Insert lots of hand gestures on that one)

He's figured out that it's a lot of fun to pick his nose lately (I think just because we tell him not to). Here are a few comments we've gotten when telling him to stop: "I WOVE to pick boogers!" "Wait a minute! It's vewy impoatant!" "This one wooks wike a snake! a BIG snake!"

"We go to Tahget? I WOVE tahget!" - he definitely hasn't heard me say that!! ;)

He's also learned some valuable coersion quotes lately. When he's doing something he knows he's not supposed to do, we frequently here "Mommy, I wove you..." or "did you see dat?!?" Either of which he assumes will redirect our attention I assume.

Potty training is going pretty well. Peepee is pretty much down pat (as long as we give LOTS of reminders) but pooponpotty (as he says) is just eh... We have been experiencing some constipation issues lately, probably related to holding it in to avoid the potty. Either way, the other morning, I went in to get him out of bed. He says, "mommy, I pooped in bitches. It was hard to get out. I got a book, I wead it to you!" I guess he thought the latter would distract from the poop delimma?

licking the brownie batter

Other common sayings:

"I wove you" (most commonly heard when talking to pap)

"You need hewp?" (the other day at chicfila's germpit, a little girl got stuck climbing. Lincoln steps up and says, "you need hewp wittew giwl?

"I don't wike dat"

"I can not bewieve it!"

"be pa-tent" or "be safe"

"don't bover me!"

"see, I toad you!"

"dangit" (really proud of that one....)

See what I mean? He has really been cracking us up. And most usually, it's things he shouldn't really be saying, and how hard is it not to laugh! I'm trying to do a better job of recording these things... PS - it's really hard to type in Lincoln-ese...