Saturday, April 27, 2013

Beach Trip with MimMim!

MimMim had the great idea to take a little beach trip with the boys.  They've been to the beach once before, but Lincoln was still a little too young to really enjoy it, and Liam was DEFINITELY too little to enjoy it.  We rented a condo on the beach in Panama City (much nicer than the place I remember staying on college spring break, HA!) right down from the new Pier Park.  It was so very nice!  And since school was still in, no spring breakers!  Win-win!

 The boys REALLY enjoyed it!  Actually, as long as you weren't trying to get them IN the ocean, they were loving it!
 Castles were built, pits were dug, gulls were chased, shells were caught -- we even caught a pretty good sized crab!

 Some minnows washed up one day, and Lincoln was like a hawk catching them!!  He decided to throw them back into a little overflow pit and -BAM- the seagulls got them before we could even blink!

 The room we stayed in was super nice and we made breakfast in the room most mornings, then ate on the patio. 
 As you can only imagine, these guys were POOPED by the evenings (and yes, even after naps!).  Needless to say, evenings out were a little hit or miss.  There was a "Biker" event going on that week, and we all know how Lincoln is about loud noises.  He pretty much walked around with his hands over his ears the whole time (see below).  And yes, Liam is completely freaking out over this statue.  Good times.. :)

 Ha!  I love Lincoln's face in this one. 

 It was super toasty, and we made the decision to eat outside at Margaritaville.  Between the bikers passing, the Jimmy Buffet cover band, and the guys walking around on stilts -- these two had had quite enough...
 So we came back and ran the beach instead....

 My momma, my BFF.. :)
 Best hole in the wall restaurant ever (of course I can't think of the name of it now)!  We ordered crab claws and the kids demo'd them!

 Luckily, we had pretty great weather while we were there.  Overcast for a day or so, but mostly good.

 Yep, those are definitely my two...
 And they DO love each other sometimes.

 We (read: me and the kids -- mom was missing dad) were not ready to go!  I tried to con her into one more day, but no such luck...
 So, on the way out, we decided to stop and walk the pier.  Lots of fishermen were out, so it was a good day to.

 The guys got to see a few rays swimming by, so they were pretty excited.
 And some of the fishermen were catching some bait minnows, of course both guys wanted one! 

Check out that huge mackerel!

 And a few last minute shots on the way out...

We had such a blast!!  Thanks so much MimMim!