Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mayse Farm 2013

 This year, we took a trip to Mayse Farm with the McCormick's.  Lincoln and Liam LOVE Ellison and Emmerson, and they LOVE the farm, so this made for a pretty exciting trip.
 Check out these buddies!
 Going for a wagon ride
 Slingin Gourds!  The boys favorite part

 Here are our friends, Matt - Jackie - Emmerson - and Ellison
 Liam picking out his (huge) pumpkin
 How sweet is Emmerson?

 Lincoln just HAD to find a bigger pumpkin than Liam.  Lol!

 Everybody got to go for a horseback ride

Look at those sweet faces.  But don't look too closely...  Pretend you can't see the "accident" Liam had because he was having too much fun for a bathroom break...  :(

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Jackson's Orchard

Time for our annual Jackson's Orchard visit!  For some reason, I can't find the pictures from my camera -- so thank goodness I was able to steal moms.  Lot's of busy boy action probably led to less pictures than normal... LOL!

 Lincoln was really loving the hay castle/maze this year.  Climbing all over it and jumping everywhere.  Liam was trying (God love him), but his little legs just wouldn't let him make it too far.

 Look how cute my little mom is, too.  :)
 We're really moving up that apple chart!  I just love these two...

 They couldn't settle on just one pumpkin, of course, so we ended up taking way too many home.

 We had some super bravery this year!  Wanted to go all by himself.
 And Liam held mom captive at the goat ranch.  That boy and his love for animals.
Sweet face.
Another successful trip!  We sure do love Jackson's Orchard!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Summer in Review

I realize that this is the longest picture roll ever posted, but that's what happens when you don't upload your pictures FOREVER....  Here is our summer in review:
Took a little trip to the Splash Lagoon in French Lick --

Spent lots of time at MimMim and Pap's house --

Did some superhero mud puddle splashin --
"Caught" some new friends (Turtle Bob)
 Did some back yard gardening
 And some back yard splashin

 The boys learned to climb our retaining wall in the backyard (yikes)

 took a nap or two... :)
 had several ice cream trips!
 a few trips down by the river
 had a blast with our friends, Hi Ashton!

 a few movie nights in the theater room
 ate our fair share of popsicles (in our undies!)  -- oh, and everyone got potty trained!
 (a little out of order, but additional water park pics)

 Some slip and slide action while waving at some low flying planes
 lots of backyard baseball!
 TONS of fishing
 Took full advantage of Oak Meadows pool :)
 some mean fort building

 Our first trip to putt-putt
 Some pool-turned-mudpuddle playing
 Numerous hours in the sandbox

 More park time with friends (Carter, Tayler, Liam, Ashton, and Linc)
 jamming in the car with the windows down
 Singing in the rain

 a few Drive In movie trips
 and a trip to the horse races with Ellison!

 Fireworks down by the river
 Arts and crafts!

 Plenty of scrubbing after long days outside

 a few more naps...

 splashin in the creek at mimmim and paps
 some late night frog catchin
 lots of cuddling!
 of course some time at the fair!

 several trips to the zoo
 our first "organized" activity -- Taekwondo!
 More days at the fair with friends (Linc, Liam, Jack, Ava, Evan, and Evie)

Repeat zoo offenders (thank goodness for memberships!)

 a little squirrel hunting of the back deck at MimMim and Paps
 Momma's Birthday!

 Sprinkler fun
 lots of golf cart rides

 nature trail discoveries

 Watching the Otters with Ellison McCormick
 destroying the playroom, usually daily :)

 some barge watching
 the mudbog at the EC Fair!

 lots of bug catching
 several barely dressed playdays
 I'm sure our neighbors appreciate our barefoot/barely dressed playdays
 lots of facepaint
 a visit with "Sally the camel has two pumps"
 a walk to end alzheimers

 trips up and down the street in our "rides"
 snuggle and reading time before bed
and plenty of time spent at Scales Lake barn checking out the animals

After this post, I've promised myself to keep up a little better.  I've kept it as compact as possible, and still missed so many good pics!  I hope everyone had a summer like ours!!  It's almost time for some fall weather activities here, and I'm sure looking forward to more fun!