Monday, October 19, 2009


You know, I really can't complain toooo much. I've had a easy pregnancy so far! No morning sickness, no real aches or pains, and I haven't even been tired that much! Okay, so there IS the gestational diabetes thing, but it really doesn't cause any problems other than having to poke my finger four times a day. But seriously, there could be SO many REAL problems! I just had to remind myself of this fact last Friday.

Routine weekly checkup day. I was having such a good Friday, all prepared to head to Edmonson County for a weekend of fun activities. Saturday mom and I were Glendale bound, Saturday night was the 10 year class reunion, and Sunday was Melissa's baby shower. So imagine my surprise when good ole doc strolls in and says, and I quote, "change of plans, you're not going anywhere this weekend." First hormonal instinct: "You're not my boss!" Second hormonal instinct "If that nurse wasn't standing there as a witness, I'd pull your hair out lady" and Third hormonal instinct "Oh Crap... She is my boss..." To which the tears started. As you know, I DO NOT like being told what to do. I know, it's a shocker... My poor husband just looked at me, fear looming in his eyes... Bless his heart, he sure has learned how to deal with me! When we (wordlessly mind you) finally made it to the car, he just said "Sorry honey" to which I replied, "I'M GOING ANYWAY!" and you know what that smart man said? "Okay" Yep, that's right, he went right along with me as though I was a sane person. It's probably important to know that my blood pressure is quite elevated, and this poor doctor was right in keeping me home... But the fact that she TOLD me I couldn't go anywhere!! How DARE!

I know that poor doctor deals with crazies like me (ok, probably not that serious) on a daily basis, but I could almost see the laughter in her eyes when she asked me if I needed a note for work and I said (with a highly elevated tone) "I can't even work???" So, that was it for me. "Homebound" status. Which I actually learned is MUCH better than bedrest. I can actually leave the house for short errands, but I am not to be on my feet long, not to vacuum (darn!), or do anything strenuous. When she gave me this news, this is what I heard, "You are never to leave the confines of your bedroom again! You may not talk on the phone or have any contact with the outside world!" Sooo, I may have been a little dramatic that day?? It took my poor husband to explain to me what she REALLY said I should/shouldn't do later.

It's not so bad. Mom came up today to keep me company and we actually snuck out to the mall in the search for a "coming home" outfit. SSSHHhhh!! We did manage to get pedicures, which HAS to be good for your blood pressure, right?

In other fun news. I finally got my pumpkins carved! Ashley is so sweet to play along... Here are a couple of pictures of our work:
Of course, Moose had to help us out. He sniffed out the pumpkin guts and made sure no one stole our carving knives while we worked. What a good boy...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Gettin there!

Well, the countdown continues! We officially have 23 days left (at the most, mind you!) before baby Lincoln arrives! Not that I'm compaining or anything, but I tell you what, I am READY... Maybe not so much ready for the responsibility of a new life, but definately ready to be able to see my feet again (which is important too, right?). At this point, even when I do get the rare chance to see them, they no longer look like mine! I have found that support hose (yep, just like grandma wears) seem to be at least helping my feet to fit into my tennis shoes... Now that the weather has cooled down, the two pairs of flip-flops that I could actually still wear seemed less appropriate? Since NO other shoes were fitting me, I decided to make a Payless run. I mean, I'm not into spending a bunch of money on shoes to wear for one more month! Luckily, Payless has some pretty cute little flats! I didn't know where to start sizewise, but I did end up TWO SIZES above my normal... Yep, that's right, from a size 7 to a size 9. Oh, well. I'm just hoping (beyond hope) that they do eventually return. My shoe addiction has been missing me lately.....
In other news, I guess I really am beginning to "drop" as they say. Even though I've had people saying "Oh, my you've dropped" since I was 4 months pregnant (yes, I've officially heard it all...), I can actually say they may now be correct. Feels at times like there may be a bowling ball between my hipbones... And, on another note, I am officially dilated 1cm. Not that that means too much in the world of child delivery! Kinda made my poor husband a little jittery! I guess we should probably be packing a bag soon!

Finally remembered to take a picture with the in-laws this week. I think it's the first picture we've taken since last Christmas! We forget it everytime we are together! So, here are the proud grandparents, Nanny and Papaw:
Also had two more showers since last posting! Jackie and Lindsay threw one a couple weekends ago at the Pie Company, many good friends made it and it was a blast!
The girls at work also had a shower at Olive Garden. We had a very spirited conversation about the things people never tell you about until you are already pregnant and it's TOO LATE!! Pretty sure we scared Emily and Kristi out of ever having children! It was a good time, as usual with those girls...